Residence Hall Linens Cares About "Made in America"

Made in America Residence Hall Linens has been part of a small but successful American business for the past 30 years. We are proud to employ more than 100 Americans full-time and 100 more part-time. When customers call us, they speak to someone in the United States. When customers visit our websites, they browse a website built and hosted in the U.S. American employees print our materials and pack and ship our products. We are proud of this and many other ways we support our country.
  • Residence Hall Linens buys American products. For example, pillows, wall décor, comforters, fleece blankets and bed toppers are just a small portion of our significant domestic purchasing. We seek to include American-made products wherever and whenever possible, and we always welcome discussions with suppliers who believe they have products of value for college parents and students.
  • Residence Hall Linens helps support a variety of student leadership development, social justice education and campus diversity initiatives across America; educational programming, such as alcohol abuse prevention, autism awareness and outreach to the elderly; volunteer opportunities, such as blood drives, local Habitat for Humanity community initiatives and spring break community service trips; family activities, such as family and "little sibs" weekends; and philanthropic opportunities, such as events that rally students together in the fight against childhood cancer.
  • Residence Hall Linens is committed to offering parents and students high-quality college room products at a terrific value. Parents consistently tell us that value and convenience are their top priorities when shopping for off-to-college products. We have not and will not lose sight of their priorities.
  • The unfortunate reality is that many American jobs have gone offshore. And a small company like Residence Hall Linens cannot change the tide against larger "big box" retailers. Despite this, we will continue to identify ways to create American jobs and offer a significant number of products that are made here in America.
New Partners Welcome! We are always willing to work with innovative American entrepreneurs and companies making high-quality products for campus living. If you know someone like this, please have them contact us at so we can talk to them!