Stock Up on Dorm Room Essentials

To help your child prepare for the unexpected, browse this selection of dorm essentials. Necessities like carpets and Sleep Value Paks can pull together a college living space and make it feel like a home away from home. Similarly, clip lamps and fans create a comfortable atmosphere no matter the season or semester. To keep your student's laptop safe, a computer lock and case will do the trick; and don't forget first aid and sewing kits for unforeseen mishaps.
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Easy Clip Value Pak Easy Clip Value Pak
Your price: $25.00
Easy Clip Value Pak

Quick Fix Pak Quick Fix Pak
Your price: $20.00
Quick Fix Pak

Secure Laptop Value Pak Secure Laptop Value Pak
Your price: $30.00
Secure Laptop Value Pak

First Aid Kit First Aid Kit
Your price: $7.95
First Aid Kit

School-Sized Tool Kit School-Sized Tool Kit
Your price: $9.95
School-Sized Tool Kit

Sewing Kit Sewing Kit
Your price: $4.95
Sewing Kit

Flexible Clip Lamp Flexible Clip Lamp
Your price: $14.95
Flexible Clip Lamp

Easy Clip Fan Easy Clip Fan
Your price: $12.95
Easy Clip Fan

Laptop Lock Laptop Lock
Your price: $15.00
Laptop Lock

Protective Laptop Bag Protective Laptop Bag
Your price: $19.95
Protective Laptop Bag

Trashcans Trashcans
Your price: $10.00

$65 and up