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University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin System has established itself as one of the world's premier public university systems.
The UW educates more than 181,000 students on 26 campuses.

UW campuses have a variety of  housing arrangements such as traditional hall living, apartments or suites, coeducational halls, women-only or men-only units, quiet housing, special-interest units, and learning communities. Each campus has their own specific types of housing.

All on-campus residence halls: have laundry and kitchen areas, vending machines, high-speed Internet access, cable or satellite TV, study areas, and lounges. The majority also have exercise centers, piano rooms, computer labs, recreational equipment, and wireless access.

Food/Dining: Freshmen and sophomores living on campus are required to participate in a campus meal plan.
Contact the housing office at each specific campus for current info.

26 Campuses:
See on the Map of U of W campuses, where all of the schools are located. All are 2 or 4 year schools.

2 year universities:
For the most part do not offer housing or require it. There is often private housing close by though for students to check out. Links below offer all the needed info:
UW-Baraboo/Sauk County 
UW-Barron County 
UW-Fond du Lac
UW-Fox Valley
UW-Marathon County
UW-Marshfield/Wood County
UW-Rock County
UW-Washington County
UW Colleges Online
UW Colleges/UW-Extension joint homepage


4-year universities:

UW-Eau Claire
Location: Eau Claire, Wis.;city pop. 65,000+, metro. pop. 151,000
Campus: 28 major buildings, 363 acres and one beautiful river
Walk across campus: About 10 minutes
Undergraduate students: 10,499
Graduate students: 547
Housing: eleven residence halls on campus provide living space for over 3,900 students
Dining: dining  plans are required for campus residents, and various meal plan options are offered to students living off campus and in Chancellors Hall
Info: Keep up to date with all that’s going on by checking the spectator, the schools student news paper.

UW-Green Bay
Basics:UW-Green Bay is looking for well qualified students who are likely to be successful until completion of a degree.3 types of housing on campus

Full-Time Undergrads:


Part-Time Undergrads:


Residence Hall students are required to purchase a minimum dining plan and enjoy the flexibility of using their diningpoints on campus and at the Shorewood Golf Course.

Three Housing Types

Residence Halls

Private Room Apartments

Shared room apartments

UW-La Crosse
Behind the scenes of UW-L's residence life program are many hardworking individuals dedicated to serving  on-campus residents.

Full-Time Undergrads:


Part-Time Undergrads:


Making campus life easier: Laundry View is an Internet application that allows you to monitor the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms through a Web browser. More info on that and other campus delights available on the
campus map

Dining options are plentiful: Made-to-Order sandwich, wrap or panini, exhibition cooking, enjoy classic comfort foods from around the world, pizza by the slice, pasta, salads, vegan or vegetarian options.

Centennial Hall: is the first building constructed on campus with predominately state funds since Wimberly Hall (formerly North Hall) was built in 1974.



UW–Madison is a community that embraces diversity — both in the people who live, learn and work here and in the experiences that enrich life in the classroom and beyond.
Student Facts:
Enrollment: 42,595
U.S. states represented: 50
Countries represented: 130+
Student organizations: over 800
Housing: Most freshmen choose to live in University Residence Halls. With recent building projects, such as the beautiful new Dejope Residence Hall and another new hall opening in Fall 2013, there’s more room for freshman to live on campus. residence halls on FaceBook

Learn about each of the 19 residence halls to find the best choice.

University Housing Dining and Culinary Services serves the residents of the University Residence Halls. Food is provided in a number of venues around campus - dining rooms, carryout stores, a deli area, three coffee houses and a large catering service.


Full-Time Undergrads:


Male Undergrads:


Female Undergrads:


Total Grad Students:


all first-time, full-time freshmen who are 20 years of age or younger as of September 1 at the beginning of the academic year in question to live in University Housing residence halls, where availability allows. Check for exemptions. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and international students call UWM’s five residences home.

27 places to eat, grab a snack or rejuvenate with coffee on campus! Also a number of convenience stores to choose from.

If it's not grown on campus, much of the food served in UWM's restaurants is organically grown on Wisconsin farms.  On the south lawn of the Physics Building, small plots are available for rent, and students and staff are free to plant whatever they'd like.

U. of W. takes Sustainability very seriously.


Full-Time Undergrads:


Male Undergrads:


Female Undergrads:


Total Grad Students:


Freshmen are Required to Live on Campus and get a meal plan.


Campus Housing Capacity:3,245


Student opinion on dining:
Blackhawk Commons is great! If you can't find something that you like to eat at Blackhawk, then you must not like food. It has so much to offer and it's all part of your meal plan. The hours are great, the food is deliscious and the atmosphere is busy & fun. college prowler
Student comments on housing:
Good Houseing Opitions – At UW Oshkosh the dorms ar mostly old with the exception of Taylor hall and the new appartment style dorms. The price of the dorms include alot such as heat, internet, tv, bathroom facilities, ect.  college prowler


Full-Time Undergrads:


Part-Time Undergrads:


Total Grad Students:


Full-Time Grad Students:


Student comments:
There's not much to do around UWP becasue it's kind of separated from everything else. People have to go to Milwaukee for a good time.

UWP is strict, but pretty laid back. Teachers are more understanding with other things that may be going on at home, and are willing to lighten up on the student. As to having the police around campus, they are strict, yet more understanding thatn regular police officers. They don't give tickets out for every little thing.  prowler

Housing info:
UW-Parkside offers two living-learning communities (LLCs) for on campus residents.
Living-learning communities are designed to deliver a variety of educational, social, and developmental programs and services to support students.

Housing Opinions:
Three Types to Choose from – There are the traditional dorms where most of the freshmen stay, these also are the most cheap. It is a great way to meet people and gain some really good friends. The apartments are a little run down and are the oldest housing option on campus. In the apartments though you are with six other people so you do not really get to meet anyone. The apartments are going to be closed this year for renovations. We also have the suites, these are for the upperclassmen. They are also the newest addition, which means they also cost the most. And like the apartments you are kind of closed off from everyone else except your suite mates. college prowler

UW has loads of extra sports facilities, which is a big plus considering their quiet location.


Full-Time Undergrads:


Male Undergrads:


Female Undergrads:


Total Grad Students:


residence halls of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville strive to provide safe, clean, comfortable living
rooms and spaces as well as opportunities for individuals to be active participants in creating respectful and responsible learning communities

Loft beds:
Rental lofts are available for students on campus. The cost of a loft for the academic year is $115. The cost for renting a loft for the Spring 2013 semester is $95 or $110 with shelf, plus tax.  Collegiate Marketing handles all ordering requests. On move in day, you will be able to pick up your pre-ordered loft by Morrow Hall

Bikes on campus:
Covered bike lockers are available for bike storage in several locations. The cost is $30 for a semester or $50 for a year. Interested students can contact the Department of Residence Life office located in Royce Hall for further details.

Students living in the residence halls that are under twenty-one and have below sixty credits are required to purchase a Meal Plan. From "Platters"  buffet-style to the "Pioneer Haus"  eight tantalizing sauces for regular or boneless chicken wings, there is plenty of variety in dining.

Student comments:
Nothing Exceptional, but Still Edible – You pretty much get what you pay for, the food on campus is pretty expensive, but better tasting, while the food by the residence halls is cheaper and some is all-you-can-eat, but isn't overly delicious.
Read more: prowler

UW-River Falls

Full-Time Undergrads:


Part-Time Undergrads:


Male Undergrads:


Female Undergrads:


Total Grad Students:


Full-Time Grad Students:


Part-Time Grad Students:


Student opinions:
Dorm Life – I lived in the dorms for three years. Their setup and distance from classes if great the longest walk being about 12 min the shortest being about 3. The bathrooms are well maintained, and every dorm has, a kitchen, a blue ray lounge, game areas, study rooms, and a commons space. The rooms are decent although I would like more outlets. The RA's do a great job helping people bond and having monthly to weekly activities. The cost isn't bad either you pay about the same as living off campus and you don't have to worry about late fees or roommates not paying you for utilities. The program in charge of the dorms is called "Res Life" They try their best to keep dorms a safe and good environment for learning and living. They do have a hard time talking with students on a one on one basis. As well as hiring RA. The y do there best but I have seen some really good people for the job get turned down and some really bad people get hired, but they do their best and the bad ones are let go in a timely manner. Over all I think they are a great place to live.  prowler

You will find two types of rooms in the residence halls:
1) all halls except SFS the have double rooms, which are rooms with two twin beds shared by two people, and 
2) suite style rooms are available only in George R. Field South Fork Suites, which are four bedrooms that have one bed each and  share a living room, bathroom and kitchen.




Community living is a big part of life here, as is safety and security: Check out their pinterest page!


UW-Stevens Point
All of the rooms in our traditional halls (all halls except Suites@201 and Hyer*) are double occupancy (2 people live in each room).  Each room is equipped with:
2 beds (frame and mattress)*
2 desks (with attached bookcase/hutch)*
2 desk chairs*
2 dressers*
2 closets for dorm stuff
2 wastebaskets*
2 study lights (in the desk unit)*
2 mirrors


More Housing:
One of the greenest buildings in Central Wisconsin has earned high marks for sustainable construction from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
The suites@201 residence hall at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold Certification. Verified by the Green Building Certification Institute, the LEED certification is the nation’s preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. The four levels of certification—platinum, gold, silver or certified—are based on energy use, lighting, water and material use as well as other sustainable strategies.


Welcome to
schmeeckle  Reserve, a 280-acre natural area on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.



International Education:
University of Wisconsin-Stout is a member of the University of Wisconsin System, one of the best and largest educational systems in the world. UW-Stout is a special mission university recognized nationally and internationally for its programs leading to professional careers in industry, technology, tourism, teacher education, guidance and counseling, applied arts, mathematics and science.

Study abroad: opportunities  in China, at the Bejing University Of Technology

Student opinions:
In the classes that are for my major I have meet students in the same major. These students have become my friend and we now study together and work on class related work together. The closer you get course specific classes the more people you find in your major. There is a wide range of internships that can be found for the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science major.  prowler


Full-Time Undergrads:


Full-Time Grad Students:


Part-Time Grad Students:


Current Student Resources:


Your life outside the classroom is important too! Find a job, get some lunch, join an intramural sport... the details can be found here.


Campus recreation: Superior Adventures,
Superior Adventures at UW-Superior offers services, facilities and outdoor adventure expertise to the campus and members of the community
Join Superior Adventures for a trip to the Manitou River where we will ice climb and take in some of the most amazing winter scenery in Northern MN. The climbing site is located at the base of the Manitou River valley just downstream from some breath taking frozen waterfalls.
"Anti-Gravity" Belay Classes
Belaying is the process of securing and safeguarding a rock climber by using a rope and belay device to hold the climber if they fall
Challenge Course
The Ropes Course experience also promotes calculated risk-taking, enhances leadership and management skills, facilitates organizational change, and builds effective teams.
Classes & Seminars
We offer CPR/AED,  First  Aid,  Lifeguarding, and Water Safety Instructor courses throughout the year.



Full-Time Undergrads:


Part-Time Undergrads:


Male Undergrads:


Female Undergrads:


Total Grad Students:


Full-Time Grad Students:


Part-Time Grad Students:


The UC:
The James R. Connor University Center is the heart of campus. It is the central gathering place for students to socialize, enjoy meals and attend academic and cultural activities. The UC is home to Warhawk Alley, where students can bowl, play pool and just hang out with friends.

Where to Eat? Plenty of choices on campus. Meal plan options offer a quality meal when you are on the go as a student. Meal options offer on the go and nutritious choices.
Student dining opinions:
The food is okay, they have two main options you can use your meal plans at. An all you can eat dining hall on each side of campus and a hall that is like a subway and has burgers and subs as well. They have unos in the UC in the down under and after 6 pm you can use two of your meal plans on it. They have a market that you can buy sandwiches at. A few coffee shops with diffrent baked goods and a frozen yogert place in the UC. It has smoothies which are really good as well. prowler

Each double room is furnished with dorm bedding, two dressers, two mirrors, two desks and chairs, two closets, book shelves, drapes, recycling containers, free 100-channel Cable TV access including more than 35 high definition channels, and a telephone.

Student opinion:
Living on campus is fun. The dorm i live in is Wells East. Wells is the best dorm for freshman because it is the biggest because its two dorms within one. there is a lounge which everyone goes to chill and have fun. the cost isn't that expensive and its way better than commuting. when you commute you don't get much privilege. Living in the dorms there isn't much rules either. you're are pretty much free to do what you want. there is no curfew or anything.  prowler