7 Potential Careers for Political Science Majors

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Do you love to talk about the law? Can you recite all of the presidents in order? Are you always studying what’s going on in Congress? If so, majoring in political science may be the perfect fit for you. While this major is popular among college students, few understand just how many places their studies can take them. Here are seven potential careers that are perfect for political science majors. 1.   Politician You likely chose political science as your major in hopes of becoming a … [Read more...]


7 New Ways to Display Photos in Your Dorm Room


Sometimes, you just want to surround yourself with the faces you love and the memories you cherish—especially when you’re living away from home. If frames and old-school collage holders don’t gel with your style, try incorporating something different. Here are 7 new ways to display your photos in your dorm room, allowing you to relive all those memories. 1.   Wrapped Canvas Have a few photos (or even just one) that you absolutely cannot live without? A wrapped canvas is the perfect … [Read more...]


5 Steps to Staying in Contact With Your High School Friends


Leaving behind your old friends for a new school is never easy. With sometimes more than 12 years of history behind you, saying goodbye even for a short while can feel like forever. But with new technology, you can create a workable schedule to stay in contact with your high school friends. Here are five simple steps to get started. 1.   Design a Shared Calendar You’re home the 14th through the 18th, but your bestie has class on the 19th and won’t be home ‘til the 20th. Your other … [Read more...]


7 Must-Have School Supplies for the First Week of Class

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Your first week of college is just about to start, and while you may be more fixated on how to make your dorm room perfect, you should also look ahead to the classes on your schedule. Packing your backpack full of school supplies will keep you focused and prepared for the start of the semester. Here are seven of the most essential items every college student should have on hand. 1.   Sticky Notes During your first few sessions, you will be bombarded with information, such as the location … [Read more...]


Pros and Cons of Using a Tablet in College


Lugging a heavy laptop all around campus probably doesn’t sound very inviting. Depending on your need, you may find that a tablet computer is a better fit for both your studies and your backpack. However, before you head to the nearest tech store, be sure to read up on both the pros and cons of using a tablet in college with this breakdown. Pros Size and Portability While the average laptop weighs five pounds or more, tablets usually tip the scales at less than a pound. This makes a … [Read more...]


How to Coordinate Big Ticket Dorm Items With Your Roommate


When moving into a residence hall dorm room, you will want to take extra care in what you bring and what you keep at home. This includes ensuring that you and your roommate understand whose role it is to purchase and bring the big items - fridge, television, area rug, etc. When money is involved, there tends to be conflicts. Cut out the potential drama and awkwardness with these tips. 1.   Get to Know Them Before you jump into who will buy what conversation, make sure you have at least … [Read more...]


8 Essential Supplies for Dorm Move-In Day


Your bags are packed, and your car is loaded up. You have everything you need for the school year. But have you thought about move-in supplies? Packing a box or two with the things that will make your big move in will make the job easier for everyone involved. Here are 8 must-have supplies you will need to have handy when the day comes. 1.   Packing Supplies You may have already taped and labeled your boxes, but you never know what’s going to happen during the move-in. You may have a bag … [Read more...]