An Easy Grade Boost

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Volunteering in class isn’t always fun, but it is often a necessary evil. Many classes, especially those in the humanities, include class participation grades in each student’s final grades. That means students get graded on attendance, their willingness to participate in class, and their participation in activities, such as group projects.

It can be a good thing.

Participation points are an easy grade booster. If you’re struggling with the material or just not doing well in the class, the participation points are an easy way to bring your grade up.

It can be a bad thing.

If you don’t like talking in class, or you have a tendency to only attend 3-4 classes a semester than your participation grade might end up having the opposite effect. It isn’t fun to put in a lot of work in and earn strong grades on every test, but only end up with a B because you didn’t go to class or volunteer enough.

So here are some tips on making sure that your participation grade is the best.

-Just go

Unless there’s an emergency go to class (BTW, sleeping in does not count as an emergency). A lot of your participation grade will be based on attendance; so, as long as you can be there you should be.

-Raise your hand

Most teachers don’t keep a record of who volunteers in class and who doesn’t; however if they don’t know your name by the end of the semester your participation grade is probably in trouble. So raise your hand at least once each class and ask or answer a question.

-Talk one-on-one

If you’re too shy to speak in front of the entire classroom, talk to your professor one-on-one.  All it takes is a few minutes after class or during their office hours for your professor to get to know you. Just make sure you have a legitimate question.

-Group activities

How could you gain practical experience from the material your learning in class? If there is a way to heighten your learning experience through a trip or a group organization, talk to your professor about it. Volunteer to organize the activity or to share your experience with the class.