Oops, What Time was my Final?

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It happened my sophomore year. I copied down the time and location of my test from the long list of final exam schedules, weeks before the actual test, and I never thought about it again.

The day of the exam, I strolled into the classroom just a few minutes early and found it deserted.

Now that was odd.

I double-checked the information I’d written down, wondering if I’d gotten the classroom confused. Nope, I was in the right room, at the right time. Something didn’t add up.

Confused, I grabbed my cell and checked my email, but the test hadn’t been postponed or changed. So I looked up the final exam schedule.

It took forever for my phone to load the information. 10 painstakingly long minutes in which time the panic began to sit in. I scrolled across the page until I found my class and my section once again.

The world began to swirl as I stared down at the correct time, date, and location. It wasn’t a coded message, it was clear and concise, and yet somehow I had written down the wrong time (the military time must have messed me up).

I’d missed it. Just like that. I hadn’t shown up for the test that was worth 25% of my final grade. I was in so much trouble

I quickly wrote my professor an email as I ran to his office, but he wasn’t in. I went home, feeling frozen, and sat in front of my TV waiting for my professor to respond.

Not a word came.

It took me four days to finally get a response from my professor. I dropped into his office several times and even called him at home before I finally reached him. We discussed my mistake and the repercussions of my inability to read a simple date on a sheet of paper, and he eventually agreed to allow me to take a different exam. He warned me that it would be much more difficult than the original exam, and he told me he wouldn’t be able to give me a final grade higher than a B.

I agreed. I didn’t exactly have a choice.

But you do.

Do yourself a favor this semester, and learn from my mistakes.

Double check your final exam times and locations and then check them again. Write the information down where it’s easily accessible on your way to your class.

And whatever you do, don’t miss your final exam.