Take Home Exams: The Cons

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When the professor announces that the final test will be a take home exam, loud, raucous cheers often sweep through the classroom. Most students love the idea of taking their final exam in the comfort of their dorm or in the library.

But is a take home exam really a blessing? Or is it a curse in disguise.

Here are a few of the cons that come with taking your test at home.

-Higher Expectations

When your professor hands out a take home exam, chances are he’ll have higher expectations for your work than he would if you were taking the test in class. He knows you’ll have access to your textbooks and the internet, and he knows you’ll have plenty of time to thoroughly research each question. As a result, he’ll be a lot less forgiving when he grades your take home exam.

-More Research

If you’re not careful, you might find yourself spending more time on a single question than you would on the entire test if you took it in class. Why? Because you know that you can never do enough research and you want to get a perfect grade.

-Temptation to Cheat

Occasionally professors will ask you not to work with other students or to use outside resources while you’re completing a take home exam. That’s a temptation that can be very hard to resist. After all your professor won’t know that you worked together…or will he?

-Relying on Others

If you are given permission to work with others, than it can quickly become a requirement (at least in your classmates’ eyes). Soon you’ll find yourself working on the test with the entire class, and you’ll have to share your work with others, while trusting them to complete their work accurately. Sure, you can choose not to participate, but only if you want to be known as the Grinch for the rest of your college education.

-More Pressure

Since your professor expects more from your take home exam it can naturally be a bit more stressful. You have other exams to study for, but you need to get this one done first, and every answer must be perfect (or at least that’s the way it feels).


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