The 8 Worst Classroom Companions

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We’ve all run into them – students that we wish would drop the class, like yesterday – and although we’ve maybe done a few of these things ourselves, we’ve never been this bad.

Curious George

The professor may not be on the topic yet, but this guy (or girl) just has to know the answer now. Once he gets his answer, he’ll often keep asking questions dragging the professor into a 10-15 minute tangent that gets further and further from the class material every second. He doesn’t care that he’s wasting your time though; he just wants to learn.

Mr. Know it All

The professor isn’t perfect, and this student always feels the need to remind the class of that detail. In fact, he finds it necessary to raise his hand and point out every grammatical error on every homework assignment and test that your professor passes out. He also tends to argue with your professor on even the smallest of issues; successfully wasting class time and driving you very class to crying out of boredom.

Distracted Dana

Not only does this student not know the answer to a single question, ever, but she (or he) always has her hand in the air, poised to ask a question that the professor just finished answering. If only she could learn to pay attention.

Hungry Hannah

Everyone snacks occasionally in class. College students are pressed for time and somehow when we’re planning out our schedules we forget the necessities like going to the bathroom and eating. So while it’s okay to eat a quick granola bar, you should not eat a full 5 course meal in the middle of a lecture. It’s distracting.

Snoozing Susan

If you’re really that tired, just stay home. Not only is it incredibly rude to nap during lecture (there aren’t many more offensive ways to tell your professor you don’t like her class) but it’s also distracting to your peers. We really don’t want to watch you drool or listen to you snore.

Addicted Allen

We all have trouble staying off the Internet during class, but must you check your Facebook status and watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show right in front of us? We’re trying to be good, dutiful students and you’re driving us crazy. Please sit in the back row from now on.

Rattled Ryan

How often can you really raise your hand and then genuinely not remember what you were going to say. Apparently a lot longer than we would think. After all, this guy (or gal) tends to forget what he was going to say at least twice during every lecture. So either write it down or just stop volunteering.

Singing Sammy

Please remember to turn your Ipod and cell phone off before you enter the classroom. No one wants to listen to the quiet hum of this student’s music (which is turned up way to loud if we can hear it from his/her headphones) or share the professor’s ire when this student’s phone starts playing LMFAO in the middle of class.

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