The Advantages to Studying Solo

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Working in a group is often stressful and exhausting. Five working minds should make everything easier, but if often makes things ten times more complicated. That’s why it’s often just plain easier and more productive to hit the books by yourself.

Less Talking

It’s really difficult to focus on the value of x or the role white blood cells play in the human body while your busy flirting with the hot girl in your study group or joking with your best friend. When your studying in a group it’s easy to spend more time talking than actually studying. You probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. But when you’re on your own it’s a little easier to keep yourself focused.

Focus on the Right Topics

Sometimes study partners are not as knowledgeable as you are. Sometimes they want to spend hours studying a topic that you already know like the back of your hand. In those cases you often don’t accomplish anything. Instead you waste time allowing your friends to copy your notes and explaining the fine aspects of a topic you already know. Then you have to go home and study for real anyway.


I study best over short periods of time. That’s why I often work off a reward system. If I read my history text for twenty minutes I can take a quick break. If I finish my psych essay I can watch TV for thirty minutes. It’s hard to run on your own schedule when you’re studying with someone else. Sometimes it’s exhausting.

No Arguments

It’s hard to focus on anything when your still reeling internally from an argument or a rude comment your study partner made. True, you can still be distracted when your studying alone, but at least you don’t have to make nice and pretend everything is fine.

Feeling Stupid

It’s often a lot of help to study with people who are more knowledgeable than you are. They’re great at sharing information and helping you figure things out. But sometimes they can make you feel stupid. And anything that hurts your confidence while you study is not a good thing. So sometimes it’s better to just figure it out for yourself.

Check back tomorrow to see why you should study in a group.