The Best and Worst Study Places in College

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The Best and Worst Study Places in College


College provides great privileges to students, but also great responsibilities. After college admission comes the hard work of studying, reading, writing, and researching. During crunch times such as midterms and final exams, students can lessen their frustration by finding great places to study. A good study place is one that calms the nerves and focuses the mind.

The Best Study Places at College

Absolutely the best place to study in college life is at the library. Moreover, universities often have more than one library, and students often get a choice of which library they want to use. In general, libraries are rather quiet (silence is enforced) and a quiet atmosphere provides students with the mental focus they need to study vigorously. If you study at the library, try to go to the highest floor or the most isolated study room on populated floors. This will remove you from friends and classmates you may be prone to talk to and helps you confront the task at hand.

Another great place to study is in your dorm study room. Most dorms and dorm floors provide general study rooms for residents to complete homework and study times without having to travel to the library. This is a convenience that every dorm resident can take advantage of.

Other great places to study involve isolated rooms in your dorm or on campus. These rooms are generally used for certain special events (such as watching movies or football games, or simply playing games like pool or ping-pong). If you are allowed, seize the opportunity to use these rooms and get some studying done. These isolated rooms come in handy when, during exam times, everyone crowds the library or the general study rooms.

The Worst Places to Study in College

One of the worst places to study in college is on the bus. Most colleges and universities have bus transportation to transport students to and from campus. Often, en route to campus, students like to pull out their class notes and review quickly for a test before getting off the bus at their class building. The problem with studying on buses is that students like to socialize on the bus. This means that your study time is very likely to turn into a time of intense noise and annoyance. Instead, take the time before you get to class to recall the things you have studied and relax. If you’ve done the diligent preparation you needed to, you’ll be fine when you take the exam.

Another horrible place to study is in the cafeteria. This is another place students often sit and try to cram before an exam. However, this isn’t a place that is conducive to solid exam study or mental focus. Students will be coming from classes, meeting up with friends and acquaintances, discussing projects, plans for the weekend (if it’s Friday), and meeting others for lunch and dinner. If you want to study and eat at the same time, a better idea may be to eat dinner at the cafeteria and then return to the library or dorm study room to finish studying. Juggling two or more tasks at once may seem to be the most “economical” way to save time, but it only complicates the process: while the brain is getting brain food, the mind is prevented from studying due to the noise and commotion of the cafeteria scene. Take the time in the cafeteria to feed the mind; studying can come later.

Students often think that the location of study does not matter; all that matters is that a student studies. But noise, commotion, shorted attention span, distractions, and frequent interruptions can all impede productive studying—which means that you might find yourself studying the same thing over and over again.