The Late Night Project

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Waiting until the last minute to start your project wasn’t the brightest idea you’ve ever had, especially if it really is worth 20% of your final grade.

But you already knew that.

Now, as you glance feverishly at the clock, your fingers flying desperately across the keyboard, and sweat pooling on your spine, you don’t want to think about your decision. You just want to get the project done before your midnight deadline.

Take a moment though, in the middle of all that chaos, to identify your feelings. Maybe next time you shouldn’t wait to get started.

Something will Suffer

A project that isn’t started until you’re limited on time is not going to get all of the attention it needs. There probably won’t be enough time to double check everything, and little things like grammar or formatting are likely to wind up with errors.

All the Unnecessary Stress

I know that it can sometimes be hard to find motivation to complete a project without a clock ticking, but waiting for the last minute isn’t a good solution. Working against the clock is only going to increase your stress levels and make your life more difficult.

Unforseen Consequences

When you put your project off you’re just asking for something bad to happen. Maybe your boss will switch your schedule and make you work the night it’s due, maybe you’re going to develop the 24-hour flu, or maybe you printer will run out of ink. Whatever happens in the hours before your project is due it probably won’t be an acceptable excuse. Your professor will simply point to all the time you had to get your project done before that night.

You Might Actually be Late

The last thing you want is to lose points for turning a project in late. Some professors will drop your grade an entire letter, just for turning it in a few minutes late. So, don’t wait until the last second. Get it done.