The Pros of Studying with a Group

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Just like living alone, studying alone has it’s definite downsides. Sometimes groups are great. Studying with a large group of people who have to learn the exact same amount of material that you do, can really take the pressure off. Here are the top reasons to hit the books with a group of friends, or rather study buddies, at your side.

Built in Motivators

Sometimes, when you’re studying alone, it’s hard to find the motivation to get started on your homework. No one is going to know if you’re reading your kindle instead of your textbook and nobody can judge you for watching five hours of TV when you were supposed to write your essay. Having someone around, especially if that someone is a hard worker, can be a major deterrent to slacking off.

Memory Tricks

When I studied anatomy I found it difficult to remember each and every term, and studying flash cards is not exactly fun. My friends were a huge help. Their expressions when I pronounced a term wrong and their struggles to remember a particular term were hilarious. Instead of just remember which bone is where I would have an image of my friend cracking up or saying the wrong term. It made much easier for me to remember each bone in the body.

Moral Support

Studying is not the most amusing or fun activity, but sometimes your friends can make it a little less stressful. When you’re by yourself staring at an impossible workload it often seems a lot more daunting and overwhelming than when you’re sitting with five friends who are staring at five identical workloads. At least you know you’re not suffering alone.

A Helping Hand

A knowledgeable study buddy can really be a lifesaver. If you’re struggling with a difficult topic or just can’t figure out what your professor meant during lecture, your friend will be there to help you figure it out. Someone who understands is usually much better at explaining it, and it’s easier to ask a friend than it is to wait around for your professor.

Split the Workload

Depending on what you’re studying, sometimes it’s possible to divvy up the workload between group members. Student A can research one aspect of the project while student B can research another aspect of the project. This can really save you a lot of time and help you build a strong paper. Just make sure you really trust the students you’re working with.

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