When Was that Assigned!?!

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It will happen. Even if you keep everything carefully written out in your agenda book. Even if you are ultra-organized and get everything done days before it’s due.

One day, you will open an email, talk to a friend, or start paying attention in class only to find that there is a project due that you’ve never even heard of.

It’s not that you weren’t paying attention and you certainly weren’t trying to fail, but somehow this assignment just slipped your mind, slipped out of your notes, and now has to be completed in record time.

Maybe it’s due in two weeks or maybe it’s due in just two hours; either way, don’t take it too hard. Remember, everyone messes up; now you just need to focus on fixing your mistake.

Ask for an Extension

Don’t just turn in your assignment late, ask your professor for an extension. Sure, some professors do not want to hear any excuses, but others are more understanding. If you can come up with a viable reason for turning it in late, you’re professor will probably be more than willing to work with you.

Call your Study Buddy

Times like these, who you know really matters. Talking with someone you trust who has completed the assignment already, can help you avoid time-consuming mistakes, and come up with solid ideas quickly.

It might be possible to reuse an old essay or project from a different class. If you’re short on time, simply adjusting, updating, and rewording information is quicker than starting from scratch.

Ask for help

Your university has plenty of resources available to help you with projects: librarians, research assistants, tutors, etc. No, they’re not going to complete the work for you, but they may be able to help you speed up the research or writing process.

Turn it in with Caution

Hastily completed projects can really hurt your grade. So if you can’t get an extension, and the late penalty isn’t too steep consider taking your time. You don’t want to turn a project in on time that’s riddled with mistakes. So, take the time to make sure you answered every question, check your spelling and grammar, double check your formulas, and read through everything twice.