5 Fun Ways to Work Out from your Dorm

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It’s a little too cold to make the long trek to the gym (even if it just a block away). Besides who likes working out in front of all those prying eyes? So instead grab your Wii, Xbox or Playstation and get your work out done indoors. Just make sure that you don’t hit your funny bone on the side of your bed. Or accidentally trip over some dirty clothes that ought to be in the hamper.

1) Dance Dance Revolution 2

This is my personal favorite, but then I like to dance and DDR is the ultimate dancing game. The steps are fast, the beat is catchy, and you can even workout with a couple of your friends with this game. So dance to impress. Check it out on Amazon.

2) Wii Fit

Of course you have to have a Wii for this one, but it really is a fun and sometimes challenging workout. You might get more muscles hitting the gym, but nobody will have better balance than you. Check out Wii Fit Plus here.

3) Zumba Fitness

Yes I know, another dance game, but trust me this is a great work out. Once you completely master every step you’ll  be ready to take it the next level and start showing off in some classes too. Check it out on Amazon.

4) Active Live Outdoor Challenge

This game is one of the absolute best video game workouts that I’ve found. I’m sweaty and exhausted after just one mini game every time. But it’s definitely not the most fun game you can play; so, if you can squeeze another player into your dorm than do it, and enjoy the competition. Check it out on Amazon here.

5) Punch Out

Take punching to the next level! The faster you go the more of a workout you’ll get and the harder it will get to breathe. Check it out on Amazon here.