Top 10 Best Ways to Meet People in College

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As you go through the college admissions process, applying for scholarships and preparing for the ACT, you may start to worry about going off on your own to a school where you potentially don’t know anybody.  Lucky for you, once you get to your dream college, there will be countless opportunities to make new friends.  Here’s a list to give you some ideas!

1. Invite people on your floor to do things -

The best way to meet other students as a freshman is by living in the dorms.  Your dorm, especially your floor, is like a built-in group of new friends to choose from.  Make an effort to introduce yourself to people as you see them in the hallway, on the elevator, in the bathroom…You’ll be seeing a lot of these people so friendships will develop naturally if you make the initial effort to be friendly. 

2. Join clubs on campus -

Most colleges have clubs and organizations for every interest out there.  People in clubs that appeal to you will like to do at least some of the same things as you, so they are a great place to meet future friends. 

3. Play a sport, collegiate or intramural -

Everyone who has ever played on a sports team knows that playing sports quickly bonds you with fellow teammates.  If you’re not serious enough to make the collegiate team, intramural sports are a great option.  They won’t take up too much of your time but will give you the opportunity to meet lots of fun, active people like you.

4. Join a fraternity or sorority -

Fraternities and sororities aren’t for everyone, but if they appeal to you, at least check them out.  Greek life is full of tons of planned events and parties so you’ll have lots of opportunities to get to know your new “sisters” or “brothers.”

5. Ask people in your classes to study with you -

Chances are at some point during college you’ll have to do some form of the dreaded group project.  While these can be a drag, they are great opportunities to get to know your classmates.  If your class doesn’t have a group project, ask someone who sits next to you if they want to study for finals together.  Studying with others is a lot more fun than always studying alone.

6. Go to sporting events -

College sporting events are a great opportunity to socialize and bond over school pride.  Some colleges offer transportation to games that are off-campus, another place to meet fellow fans. 

7. Hang out in common areas instead of your dorm room -

If you lock yourself in your dorm room all the time, you’re not going to meet many new people.  Study and hang out in common areas at the dorms, the student union, a grassy square, etc. 

8. Go to parties -

Parties give you the opportunity to meet friends of friends you might get along with or maybe some complete strangers.  If parties intimidate you or aren’t your thing, give one a shot anyways.  You might be surprised how friendly people can be if you just ask them a couple questions about themselves.

9. Get a part-time job –

Work is one of the most common places to meet people.  A part-time job will earn you some extra cash and probably some new friends.  If you feel like you don’t have time, find one that is only 5 or 10 hours a week.  Many schools offer these low time-commitment jobs for students.  

10. Volunteer -

Colleges typically offer different volunteer programs you can join or fundraisers to participate in.  You could also find something off campus, where you might meet both students and non-students.  This is a great chance to do something good and make friends at the same time.

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