Credit Card Reform on Campus

An 8/27/10 article in The Washington Post by Ylan Mui, "Credit card reform has companies treading lightly on campus," indicates credit card companies are now having to scale back college campus solicitation efforts.  Issuers are now prohibited from giving away freebies such as frisbees and pizza to students for signing up, and cards issued to students under 21 must be co-signed with an adult (unless the student can show an independent source of income).  These new regulations are targeting … [Read more...]


Computer crashed? No worries here!

Most students you may know have experienced  some sort of computer crash during college, probably at an inopportune moment- the day before a term paper is due, perhaps?! Don't let this happen to you! Student Backup is a service that automatically backs up files offsite every night.  Every evening all you have to do is leave the computer connected to the internet and it automatically makes copies of your files at a secure offsite location. There’s no need to pre-select files or worry about … [Read more...]


Care Packages Can Help With College Morale

An article from Sunday's Seattle Times by Ray Segebrecht entitled  "Care packages help college students adjust" points out a great way parents of incoming freshman can help the transition for their students: by sending care packages.  What better a way to show your love and support by sending along a special surprise? You can make your child's day by sending a back-to-school care package- click here. … [Read more...]


Who’s Paying For School?

A great article from yesterday's New York Times online by Catherine Rampell, "How Americans Pay for College",  breaks down the average methods in which American families pay for their student's education.  Parents pay for an average of 37% of school costs from their income/savings and pay for an additional 10% through borrowing options.  Grants and scholarships make up the second largest chunk of funding at 23%. Check out the full article here to see how you match up. … [Read more...]


Roommate Ready!

Our third and final installment from guest blogger, Allie Goldstein, NACURH National Chairperson. -------------- As I get ready to pack for a new journey (beginning graduate school), I cant help but think back to what it was like the summer before my freshman year:  I was nervous, terrified even, of what was ahead. I had never had a roommate before, and a million thoughts were running through my mind. “What if she doesn’t like me?” “What if our blankets clash, and our room looks … [Read more...]


Get Involved!

More helpful advice from our favorite guest blogger, Allie Goldstein, National Chairperson of NACURH.  ------------------------- Everyone always says that “the years you are in college are the best years of your life.” Having recently graduated, I have to agree. I remember freshman orientation, as I arrived at my campus for the first time. I had visited once before, but along with the other eight schools I had visited everything was a blur. At orientation, I got to meet a number of … [Read more...]


Dining on Campus with a Food Allergy

Today we are happy to introduce a guest blogger to the RHL community, Allie Goldstein, NACURH National Chairperson. NACURH stands for National Association of College & University Residence Halls and is the largest student run organization in the country.  Any campus that has a residence hall can become a member of NACURH.  They provide programs and leadership opportunities to students across the country.  The goal is to improve the quality of life on … [Read more...]