Say Hello to the New Year

New Year Eve is almost here! If you haven’t made plans its time to pull out your laptop and get started. There are so many different and fun things to do on New Years Eve no matter where you are. Consider some of these options as you plan. 1- Party New Years Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. Whether your hanging with college or high school friends you're in for a night of dancing and socializing. If you're of legal age to drink, make sure you keep safety first and come … [Read more...]


Thinking Ahead: Preparing for next semester

The New Year, the new semester, is the best time to start making changes. If there is anything that you could do to make yourself a better student, now is the time to get started. Don’t hesitate; before the new semester begins make a plan of the things you want to improve and the best way to get it done. Than make an effort to track your progress through a journal or checklist. That way you’ll stay motivated and the proof of all your hard work will be in front of your eyes. Getting More … [Read more...]


Pet Peeve’s: What Professor’s Don’t Like


Every professor has a pet peeve; one thing that makes them grit their teeth and roll their eyes. You don’t want your professor to remember you as the single most frustrating student they’ve ever had in class. So, if you have any of the following habits, I suggest that you do your best to change them. A new semester is the perfect time to become a better student. 1 – Arriving Late for Class No one appreciates being interrupted by a slamming door, squeaking chair, and whispered … [Read more...]


Unlock your Savings Potential


You never leave your residence hall without it. If you lost it you would run to get a replacement, while simultaneously searching through everything you own. It's the key to your dorm and your meal plan. It's the only form of identification that matters on your campus. It's your student ID. You'd be lost with it. What you may not know is that your ID can also play an invaluable role off campus as well. In fact, it can save you thousands of dollars. You just have to know how to use it … [Read more...]


The Best Years…If Only that were So


Older siblings, parents, and random strangers on the street love to remind me that I have nothing left to look forward to. “College,” they tell me, “is the best time of your life.  It doesn’t get any better.” Personally, I find this hard to believe. Yes college is great. It was amazing to live in a community where I was constantly surround by friends, had the option to sleep in almost whenever I wanted, enjoyed my first taste of freedom away from Mom and Dad, and spent my … [Read more...]


Facebook Chats, New Year’s Eve Marathons, and Some Baking Ideas


High school seniors, do you have any last minute questions about your college apps? If you do, check out The Choice’s final Facebook admissions Q and A.  Tonight from 8-9 PM eastern time Jennifer Christensen, co-director of college counseling at Marin Academy  will be available to help you solve all of your issues. If you can’t make it you can check out recaps of previous event posts here. Also, if your looking for something to do over your break, check out this list of "14 Rockin' … [Read more...]


Get Your Work Done


Do you find yourself spending way to much time not working? Do you sit down with every intention of getting your essay finished in 30 minutes and two hours later realize you’ve hardly even started? I know I do. I’m way to busy watching the latest hit on YouTube, reading the news on yahoo, cyber stalking my ex, checking out the sandwich my friend just ate on twitter, surfing random articles on Wikipedia, googling the names of everyone I know, and playing repeat rounds of family feud to … [Read more...]