The Eco-Friendly Student

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In celebration of Earth Day, here are a few simple tips that will help you become a more eco-friendly student, without too much hassle. Just don’t forget to ‘green’ your dorm room as well.

Go Paperless

Don’t print out paper copies of your notes and research.

Instead of printing paper copies of your notes and research view them on your computer or Ipad instead. There are approximately 20 million college students in America; if every student avoids printing unnecessary materials just think how many trees could be saved. You can even take it a step further and purchase your textbooks as ebooks.

Local produce

Make every effort to purchase products that are grown and sold by local farmers. Less environmental waste is produced in shipping these products (which don’t have to travel to you from another country or state) plus the produce is often fresher…seriously, have you ever had a tomato right of the vine?

Reusable water bottles

Save some plastic and decrease your carbon footprint by avoiding plastic water bottles and using refillable bottles instead. As an added bonus you’ll also save yourself some extra cash in the process. Think about it; if you buy 3 water bottles a week at a $1.50 each you’ll spend about $54 a semester. Whereas a reusable water bottle only costs about $12.

Shower quicker

Everyone knows that shorter showers conserve water, but do you actually do it? Cut your shower time down to 10 minutes and help the environment by leaving some water for the fish and plants. Plus, everyone on your floor will be grateful that you’re no longer hogging the community bath for an hour each morning.

Go Trayless Everyday

Schools across the country have instituted Trayless Tuesday programs to help decrease water consumption and food waste. Not using a tray in the café decrease the chance that you’ll take more food than you will actually consume, and the number of dishes that will have to be washed. So try to make every day a trayless day…just grab one plate and head back for additional food you can’t carry on the first trip (as a bonus you’ll burn off calories walking back and forth!).