Dorm Room Theft Prevention Tips

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Dorm Room Theft Prevention Tips


It’s sad to say, but thievery is everywhere. At any moment of the day, a person’s possessions are stolen. While most college students naively assume that no one would steal their computer, cell phone, car keys, ipad, ipod, blackberry, etc., just the opposite is true. The following are steps that you can take to prevent theft in your dorm room while enjoying college life.

Tip #1: Lock Your Dorm Room Door

One of the easiest ways for students to get robbed is to leave their dorm room door open or unlocked while they go to the movies, shopping, dinner, or to the downstairs computer lab in their dorm. Thieves can easily steal what doesn’t belong to them, and it doesn’t take long to enter an unlocked dorm room and take your possessions. If you lock your door, you prevent thieves from blending in with the rest of the students, walking into your room, and taking something. Thieves will not bother with your door if they know they cannot make a quick safe entrance into your room while you’re away. They will simply try the next dorm room.

Tip #2: Take Your Keys

Many college students decide to leave their keys in the dorm room with the door unlocked but closed, thinking that they can trick passers-by into assuming the door is locked. Such thinking, though on the surface clever, can actually backfire and add insult to injury. When a student decides to leave his or her keys in the dorm room (with an unlocked door), thieves can break in, get the student’s dorm key and then return at their leisure. A student may receive a new dorm key from the college (though at a financial cost), but the intruder can return any time because your old key will still fit the lock. Instead of trusting friends and other students to watch out for your room, it is best to carry your keys with you at all times, lock your door and look out for yourself.

Tip #3: Use a University or College-Provided Security Safe

Some colleges (though not all) provide a security safe for every student in every dorm room. If you are one prone to wandering downstairs or halfway across campus without locking your door, use a security safe. Place your wallet, cell phone, and other valuable electronics and possessions into the security safe in your room. Then, store it in a high cabinet near your dorm-room ceiling to prevent a thief from finding it easily. The harder you make it for thieves to find your stuff, the harder it will be for them to walk off with it.

Following these three tips will secure your possessions while you roam around campus. Your time will be most enjoyable when you can return to your dorm room and find it in the same state in which you left it.