Green your Dorm Room

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Living a green lifestyle can be difficult; it’s something that you need to think about all the time. But here are a few simple things that just take a few extra seconds, and will help make your dorm cleaner place to live.


It only takes a few extra seconds, but recycling is the easiest way to decrease your ecological footprint. Instead of tossing your paper, plastic aluminum, and glass in the garbage can throw it in the recycling bin instead. If your university doesn’t have an established recycling program, talk with your residence hall officials about establishing one.

Reusable Materials

Make an effort to purchase items that you can reuse again and again. For instance don’t use disposable plastic bags or cardboard boxes to carry your stuff on move-in-day. Instead use the hamper and storage containers that you’ll need in your dorm anyway. Your parents can always take home any extra suitcases or containers that you don’t have room for. Or if you have to use boxes, put them away and use them again when you move out.

Energy Efficient

If you must have a small fridge in your dorm or you have other appliances in the kitchen area, purchase items that are Energy Star qualified. These appliances will help you save a lot of energy, and cut down your electricity bill.

Turn off your Computer

Leaving your computer and monitor on all night long might be more convenient but it’s a waste of electricity. It takes you five extra minutes to turn your computer on in the morning, so take the time to shut it down at night. Remember, it’s better for you computer to reboot.

Unplug Appliances

Simply turning your TV off doesn’t stop it from using electricity. You have to actually unplug appliances to stop them from using energy. So make an effort to unplug major energy consumers like TVs, game consoles, and even cell phone chargers when you’re not using them. It takes one extra second, but it will save a lot of electricity in the long run.

Open a Window

Do you really need to turn the air on? If you don’t have allergies open a window or buy a fan instead of cranking the AC. Not only will that cut down your carbon footprint, but it will also save you a bundle.