I’m Hungry: Tips on using your Microwave

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Sick of the cafeteria? Tired of paying delivery fees? Ready to start cooking in your dorm? Well, it’s about time you started making use of that handy-dandy microwave.

Microwaves can be used to make almost anything in college. You can easily cook full meals from scrambled eggs to meatloaf in your microwave. You’ve just got to know how it’s done.

Here are some tips on the best way to use your microwave.

Let it Stand

Even when the time is up, food in the microwave keeps cooking.  The heat created takes time to spread through the food, and it continues doing so even after the microwave stops running. So don’t rush to get it out of the microwave. Give it a couple minutes, relax, it’s not going anywhere.

Mix it Up

Even though most microwaves turn as they cook most foods still don’t heat evenly. Flipping over frozen foods or stirring vegetables or noodles can help to spread the heat around and make sure the entire meal is done at the same time.

Cover it up

Many pre-made foods come with instructions on venting and covering.  But it’s a good idea to cover everything you put in the microwave.  Not only does this help to collect moisture and prevent steam from escaping (which helps the food cook faster) but it will also keep your microwave clean.  One of the worst tasks is cleaning a microwave that’s been full of sticky, overcooked foods for several weeks. Just try not to use plastic to get the job done, a paper towel will work just as well.

Add a Little Water

If you’re planning to microwave something that’s frozen solid and you don’t feel like waiting for it to defrost, put the food in a plastic bag and then stick it in a bowl of warm water. This will make the food defrost faster. Just be sure not to make the water too hot; you might start cooking the food or melt the plastic.