Just be Cautious

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Dorm stuff isn’t cheap or easy to replace, especially if you don’t have a car on campus. But in college, stuff is bound to happen. There are a lot of different people coming in and out of your dorm and things tend to disappear or get accidentally broken; one day your best friend might step on your computer, or your remote might decide to just walk away. There’s usually nothing you can do after the fact, but there are a few precautionary steps you can take to prevent anything bad from happening.

1 – Lock your doors

Even if your roommate is infamous for losing his key, make sure your dorm is always locked when it’s empty. You may know and trust every resident on your floor, but can you say the same thing about every single person that has access to your residence hall? What about the friends of friends that you’ve never even met? You don’t need to be paranoid; just be cautious.

2 – Leave nothing on the floor

Your laptop, your phone, your Playstation, and your favorite mug do not belong on the floor. Nothing valuable should ever be placed in a position where it’s not expected to be. Find your valuable belongings a home that’s not in danger of getting stepped on, sat on, or punched.

3 – Put the important stuff away

If you know a group of friends will be coming to your dorm put everything you care about away. Don’t leave your economics essay lying on your desk, that’s just asking for a cup of coffee to get spilled on it. So pick up anything really valuable and put it out of sight.