Moving your Stuff Out

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Moving isn’t fun. All that heavy lifting in the hot sun, just doesn’t do it for anyone, does it?

Moving isn’t fun. All that heavy lifting beneath the tortuously hot sun is exhausting. Somewhere around your fourth or fifth trip to the car you’ll probably start wondering why you own so much stuff, and whether or not you can just lie down on the ground and never move again.

So here are a few tips to make your move run as smooth as possible.

Pack ahead of time

Haven’t you ever heard that it’s faster to unload the truck than it is to load it? While it takes just 45 minutes to get all your stuff out, you might spend more than 2 hours getting everything in. So be prepared. Have everything boxed up before the moving actually starts, and squeezing all your stuff in might be as quick as tearing all your stuff out will be.

Clearly label each box

You may think you’ll remember the clever acronyms that made labeling each box quick and simple, but chances are you’ll have no idea what BTFJKL stands for in two days. Trust me, you don’t want to waste 15 minutes tearing through every box in search of your favorite DVD; that’ll just make a mess you’ll have to clean up later. So, clearly write every item that you place in each box on the front flap. It’ll take a little longer to pack, but it’ll help you avoid confusion.

Plan ahead

What’s going in the truck first? And where are you going to put your fragile stuff? Have a basic idea of where everything will fit into the truck before you start loading it.  That way you won’t have everything ready to go, and discover that your bed rails are sitting on the floor and won’t fit anywhere.

Do a check

Even if you know you never put anything in your desk drawer all through college, make sure that you open it anyway. No one likes to loose things during a move, but it’s inevitable if you aren’t careful.

Junk it

If you find something in your dorm or apartment that you haven’t touched since you moved in, toss it out or give it to Goodwill. This will probably not be the last time you move in college, and you don’t want to drag around all the extra stuff that you never use to every single place.

Clean before or as you pack up

Yes, it will be easier to give the place a thorough cleaning after all of your stuff is in the car, but you’re going to be exhausted and the last thing you’ll want to do is wipe down the toilet. So do what you can in advance. Clean the bathroom, wipe down the kitchen, and dust what you can. Ideally all you’ll have left to do is a quick vacuum and mop.

Liven It up

Time yourself, invite friends to help you get the task done, or play music. Just don’t decide to watch TV; nobody is that good a multi-tasker, and you’ll spend more time watching than moving.

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