The Best Place for Freshmen to Live

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Every university has one:

One residence hall that becomes the center of all activity on campus.

One residence hall that truly is a home away from home.

One freshmen dorm.

These freshmen dorms may not be the prettiest or roomiest residence halls on campus, but that doesn’t matter. After all, comfort is not the highest priority in these dorms (although they do usually have extra-long twin beds). No, these dorms have another focus. Freshmen dorms are designed to help you get to know everyone.

The small rooms, the community bathrooms, and the large common areas all serve one purpose; they get you out of your dorm room and force you to interact with other students. And that’s definitely a good thing. After all, the more time you spend in the common areas talking to others the more people you will get to know. The goal is to meet everyone; not just the students in the next room, but the students two floor down and four floors up as well.

As a result, freshmen dorms are usually noisy, active places. Something is always happening somewhere, and anyone who’s interested can get involved. Sure, these dorms are usually not the best place for some quiet study time, but that’s what the library is for. Plus, if you do decide to study in the common area there are hundreds of students around who are surely willing to lend their minds to a difficult question.

One of the best things about freshmen dorms is that every student is in the same position as you. They’re all freshmen too. It’s everyone’s first year on a college campus and nobody has lived in a dorm before. The other students don’t know anyone either, and they’re also nervous about classes and finding their way around campus. That makes it a little easier to make a few friends.

So, if it’s your first year on campus, consider putting the residence halls that are first-year only as your first choice on your housing request. You’ll meet hundreds of other students right there in your dorm, and you won’t regret the genuine freshmen experience.