You Don’t have to be Best Friends

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…but shouldn’t you at least try?

Living with another person isn’t easy. A balanced friendship is hard to maintain when you’re constantly invading each other’s space and struggling to compromise over even the most insignificant issues. Whose food is that in the fridge? What temperature should the thermostat be set at? Should the TV be on at night?

It’s even more difficult to get along well if you didn’t choose your roommate. Freshmen year when you’ve been randomly assigned to a room by fate or a questionnaire, (which you maybe didn’t take as seriously as you should have) it’s hard to find the desire to get along. Why should you do anything for them?

Do yourself (and your roommate) a favor, as you take your first step into your dorm, leave the superior attitude behind. The two of you don’t have to get along like PB&J, but you don’t want to be like oil and water either. So, try to leave your prejudices, your fears, your concerns, and your preconceived notions behind. Forget the weird photo you saw on your roommate’s Facebook page. Do your best to enter this one relationship completely free of judgment.

This is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your college experience.
Living at odds with your roommate is not fun. You really don’t want to argue over every little detail. You want to get along, and attempting friendship is the best way to get the ball rolling.

Sure, you and I know that you don’t have to be best friends, but you should at least give friendship a shot. After all, wouldn’t it be awesome to live with your best friend? Wouldn’t it be horrible to live with someone that you can’t have a conversation with?

Invite your roommate places.

You don’t have to do everything together, but maybe you’ll actually enjoy hanging out. Maybe if you eat in the cafeteria or explore your new campus together you’ll find that you (shocker) actually have more than a few things in common. Maybe, just maybe, you really will get along like PB&J. You won’t know until you spend more than a few minutes together.

Besides, what’s the worst that can happen?

If you and your roommate don’t get along and your incompatibility makes it impossible to develop even the weakest of friendships at least you know you tried. At least you know that you absolutely did try your best. You weren’t the person who closes her mind to change and refuses to give her new roommate a try.

So, no matter what:

Enter your dorm with a clear conscience and an open mind. Give your roommate plenty of second chances and reserve judgment until, well, never if you can avoid it. Live in the moment. Get to know your roommate and give friendship a genuine shot.