Unlock your Savings Potential

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You never leave your residence hall without it. If you lost it you would run to get a replacement, while simultaneously searching through everything you own. It’s the key to your dorm and your meal plan. It’s the only form of identification that matters on your campus. It’s your student ID. You’d be lost with it.

What you may not know is that your ID can also play an invaluable role off campus as well. In fact, it can save you thousands of dollars. You just have to know how to use it right.

Immediate Savings -

No matter what store you’re in, don’t hesitate to pull out your ID. They may not advertise the potential savings, but many stores do have a variety of special discount offers just for students.  J-Crew and Gap (including Banana Republic and Old Navy) give students 15% off all in-store purchases, which can be a lot if your purchasing a pair of $89 pants.

Discount Cards -

Although you do have to purchase student discount cards in advance, they will save you a lot of money over time if you consistently use them. Student Advantage is one car that offers discounts at brand names like ebags, footlocker, Barnes and Noble and Amtrak. The membership ranges in price from $22.50 for one year to $52.50 for four years. The ISIC is another student discount card that offers both local and international savings. It’s the only student ID that is internationally recognized and brands like Costco, Amtrak, Firestone, and participate.

Online Savings - 

As a student you can also use your email account to unlock other money saving opportunities. Amazon Prime for students gives every student a free 6-month trial and reduces the membership rate by 50%. That means you can order your textbooks and have them shipped with two-day shipping for free. Plus you’ll have access to Amazon Prime instant videos and kindle books. Than there’s always the apple education discount, which gives students access to special education pricing.

So, don’t hesitate to pull out your ID and ask about potential savings. You never know what you’ll miss, if you don’t ask.