Even Candy Can Be Healthy!

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Photo Credit: CandyBlog

Okay, not really, but as Halloween comes closer and closer I find myself searching for the exception to the rule. The one candy I can eat without totally destroying my diet.  The one candy that will satisfy my craving completely.

Unfortunately, that perfect mixture of chocolate and sugary goodness does not seem to exist. And my willpower is intentionally put to the test again and again as I wonder through grocery stores determined to sell me their sugary treats.  Seriously I’m considering boycotting every store until September 15 when it should all be gone.

But even resisting the temptation in a grocery store isn’t as hard as turning down the free candy offered by friendly coworkers, friends, and professors. Turning them down might seriously hurt their feelings; they may never come back from the disappointment. Or at least that’s what I tell myself, each time I accept yet another tasty treat.

So this October I’m caving in.  I’m succumbing to my obsessive desire to eat candy, but only in moderation.  One piece a day….that’s my new motto. And I’ll make every effort to choose those that might last longer, such as jolly ranchers.  I know in advance that I’ll probably fail, but at least I can say I tried.

If you, like me, have a chocolate or sugar craving that you just have to satisfy this October, check out Women’s Health Magazine’s recommendations on “Healthy Chocolate and Candy.”   And Good Luck!