Landing that Summer Job

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Okay, it probably is too late to land that dream summer internship you just found on Johnson and Johnson’s website, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get hired as the pool lifeguard or to find a decent paying position. If you’ve decided you want to work this summer and earn some cash for textbooks than here are some tips on landing a good position.

Make a Resume

Always have a resume with you. Even if you’re just walking through the mall looking for help wanted signs you should be prepared. Who cares if you’ve only ever worked in the library; the point is that you have a resume and look serious about this position.

Dress Appropriately

You don’t have to wear a suit, but take off the nose ring and the ripped jeans. Maintaining a professional look will show potential employers that you are a mature applicant. That doesn’t mean you can’t be unique; it means you have to show you’re a professional.

Behave Professionally

My manager at a retail store once had an applicant yell at her on the phone because she hadn’t reviewed the woman’s application yet. Don’t make that mistake. My manager no longer needed to look at her application – she knew she would never hire her. So behave professional and always be respectful.

Apply Online

As great as personal contact and networking are, applying online is easier for the employer and more efficient for you. So go online first, find out who’s hiring and submit your resume. Than make a trip to each of the places you applied and do your networking in person. That way they can put a face to your resume and won’t be waiting for your application.

Check Help Wanted Signs

Very few places don’t accept online applications, but there are some. So make sure you also check in with stores that have signs on their windows, and even if there isn’t a sign, ask anyway. You never know what will happen.

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