Leave them Speechless: 7 Ways to Make a great Exit from your Internship

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College Prowler recently featured an article on how to make a great impression during your internships. In order to leave your position on a high note, it’s a good idea to plan your exit strategy well in advance. You want to knock their socks off with your efficiency, professionalism, and hard-working attitude. That’s the best way to ensure that they’ll think of you when they’ve got an open position to fill.

So, according to the article, in order to foster the best impression you should –

1)   Hand out Personal Thank-you notes

2)   Offer to Train the Next Intern

3)   Get Feeback on your performance

4)   Tell them your interested in a full-time position

5)   Get a Letter of Reccommendation

6)   Create an Organize Contact List

7)  Create a List of Job Responsibilities and Achievements

To read more on the topic check out the article here.


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