The Best Pranks

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April first is just around the corner; too bad it’s on a Sunday though. You’ll have to get creative with your timing if you plan to prank your classmates. Just remember that you’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill. Here are some of the best college pranks.

Harvard vs. Yale – 2004

In order to pull off this prank, several Yale students donned Harvard Pep Squad t-shirts, and spent the first quarter rallying Harvard fans. Carefully the disguised pep squad passed out 1800 sheets of paper, promising each student that the sheets would spell out “Go Harvard.” With just 2:47 seconds lefts in the second quarter of the game, each fan raised their sheet of red or white construction paper, only to spell out “We Suck.” Click here to find out more.

Bonsai Kitten – MIT – 2000

Animal lovers were horrified when this site went live in 2000. Promising to create custom kittens to your specification, the site depicted a process of preserving kittens by using a muscle relaxant and stuffing the kitten into a mason jar. The prank was so realistic that even the FBI and the Humane Society got involved. Read more here.

Lecture Musical/Fly Skit

Could you imagine if someone just randomly started singing in your class? Or if the Orkin man came in and started wrestling with a giant fly? Good thing these professors have an excellent sense of humor.

Statue Switch -Rice University

It took 2 electrical engineers, 2 mechanical engineers, 1 civil engineer, 1 mathematical scientist, 1 biochemist, 1 chemist, 1 physicist, and 1 English major to pull off this prank. Together the 10 students designed a plan to lift the 2,000 pound statue of William March Rice and rotate it 180 degrees. It took 2 failed attempts and a trial run on a 2,250 pound car in order for them to succeed. Only one student, Patrick Dyson was caught; the university charged him the cost of rotating the statue back to it’s rightful position, but the student body rallied behind him raising the cost through the sale of t-shirts. Learn more about the planning that went into this prank here.

Greasing the Tracks – Auburn University – 1896

In the early hours of the morning, a group of Auburn students slipped out of the dorms and down to the train station at which the Georgia Tech football team would be arriving in just a few hours. They liberally coated the track with grease, causing the train to slide 5-10 miles outside of town. The Georgia Tech players and their fans were forced to walk back that morning. Their exhaustion likely helped Auburn defeat them 45-0 that day. Read more about it here.