Hello February!

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It’s finally here.

The end of January, the beginning of February and the start of another semester of classes (unless you’re one of the unlucky few who was stuck with a term in January).

I was always excited to get back to classes. Maybe I just wanted the opportunity to put my new resolutions into practice.

The break, as relaxing as it always was, is long. My family, as much as I love them, would be getting on my nerves just about now, and I couldn’t wait to get away from my retail job.

Sure, the impending workload would bring a pile of stress and I would dread waking up for the early classes that I couldn’t ever keep of my schedule entirely, but there was just something about starting a new semester.

It was refreshing.

I was excited to learn something new. I wanted to meet new people in my classes, and hang out with my friends again.

It was always like the first day of elementary school after a long summer.