Make Your Application Stand Out

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Do your transcripts tell the whole story? Do they give admissions officers a complete and accurate perspective of who you are? Can a simple letter grade ever really convey the complex reality of all the hard work that went into the assignments you’ve completed? Can a few pieces of paper ever explain the complex issues and problems that you encountered during your high school years?

No? Well, nobody really expects it to.

For years educators, advisors, and admissions officers have pointed to the essay as the best way to round out your college applications. The college application essay is a vital and indispensible part of the application process. It gives students the opportunity to share a part of themselves with admissions officers. But is the essay the best way to admissions officers a more in-depth glance at who you are?

According to Mindset, online portfolios share even more with admissions officers. Through an online portfolio admissions officers can get a real look at who applicants are as a student, a person, an athlete, an artist…whatever you are. Instead of being just a transcript, these portfolios share completed school projects, photos, and other important information. Some portfolios even allow students to connect directly with admissions officers.

So if you want your application to be more than a name and few pieces of paper the online portfolio may be perfect for you. Read more about it here.