8 Fun Things to do with your Roommate this Summer

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Your roommate’s probably not your best friend, but it’s important to maintain a comfortable relationship. So weather you’re living together through the summer, just meeting for the first time, or spending the summer apart before you move in again in the fall, here are some great ways to keep in touch and have a little fun during the summer.

1)   Movie marathon

The best part is you don’t even have to talk to one another. Just find an actor or actress that you both love and keep the merriment going.

2)   Shopping trip

Connect with each other this summer to pick out some new essentials for your dorm. Create a dream dorm through pinterest or do a little online shopping while you skype. It’ll be fun.

3)   Work on your tan

Whether your at the beach, the pool, or the park it’s always great to have someone tag along while you tan. So grab your roommate and spend thirty minutes chatting beneath the sun.

4)   Go to a concert

Do the two of you share any musical interests? If so, grab some concert tickets or hit the underground scene for one night of fun. The best part is that you really can’t talk that much over all the noise.

5)   Baseball game

You two are students, so go grab some discounted student seats or standing room only tickets and enjoy a night of America’s favorite pastime. It will be worth it.

6)   TV Show Marathon

Is there a show that you both haven’t seen before? Comedies are always better when there is someone else to laugh along with you.

7)   Pranks

Don’t prank each other; team up to pull a good one on the guys across the hall or get the whole floor to pull one on the floor below you. Just don’t do anything that will get you in trouble.

8)   Amusement Park

Just make sure you both like the same type of rides and you’re sure to have a blast on every roller coaster.

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