The (Not So) Miserable January Term and Some Relationship and Financial Advice

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If you’re one of those really lucky students who does not start classes until February, skip over this paragraph. If you are one of the unlucky ones who is already back in session, suffering through your classes than Uloop  has a different way of looking at your return to classes. So, stop thinking about all the friends having fun at home and check out the benefits of the J-term here.

Roommate issues, anybody

Are you dealing with a roommate that doesn’t respect you? Is he or she blatantly doing something that hurts your feelings? Do you avoid your dorm every night because it feels more like a prison cell than a home? Check out Hack Hack College’s advice on how to deal with those sticky roommate situations that you just can’t ignore. Click here to read the full article.

Love is in the air

This article may be a little old, but the info and advice is invaluable. So, ladies, if you’re crushing on someone, having problems with your boyfriend, or unsure of what you want from your love life check out College Crush’s Freshman Love Survival Guide. It’s just so very thought provoking and true. Click here to read it.

Money does not grow on trees

If you’re in desperate need of a little cash this semester, look no further, College Cures has all the tips you need to make earn some cash, quickly. Work study, an off-campus job, music lessons, selling clothing, internships, or even throwing a party might be the best method for you.  Click here to find out.