What You Don’t Need During Finals Week

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When I think of finals week I always think of stress, stress, and more stress. Everything always seems to go wrong during that short seven day period. Time either moves way too quickly while your studying or way too slowly while your waiting for your grades.

Below are a few things that you don’t want to deal with during finals, but which always find a way to pop up. I suggest you do everything in your power to avoid these stressful disasters (I never could), and focus just on studying for those big exams.

1) Something’s Burning – Cooking is fun; just not during finals week. Between studying, running to the library, and dealing with that last minute group project crisis, where are you going to find time to pick up ingredients, boil water, or wash all those dishes? Trying to squeeze in the time to cook will only lead to disasters,like spending way to much ordering out. So prepare for finals by planning out simple microwavable food and trips to the cafe. Hopefully, Mom and Dad sent you a final exam care package to help you make it through the week.

2) Drama, Drama, Drama – Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, sister, or brother it doesn’t matter. You do not need the stress of dealing with someone else’s problems or worrying about anything unrelated to studying over finals week. You’re already stressed, do your best to avoid situations or people who you know are just going to make things harder for you.

3) Malfunctioning Electronics – The worst time for your computer, your Ipod, or your phone to fail you is finals week.  So, of course that’s exactly when it’s going to happen. Do yourself a favor; make sure everything important is backed up. You do not want to lose your completed English essay just 6 hours before it must be turned in.

4) Severe Memory Loss – Ok, forgetting your student ID number isn’t a symptom of serious memory loss, but it sure is annoying, especially, when you’re required to write the number at the top of your test for identification purposes.  Struggling to remember your number while you complete your test is an unnecessary and stressful distraction.  It can also be embarrassing (at least it was for me). So, keep your student number with you as you head out for exams.

5) Noisy Roommates – Inconsiderate roommates are always obnoxious. Part of living with another person is making compromises to get along through any situation…just not finals week. Of course I’m not suggesting you start a war because your roommate is laughing to loudly at 3AM, but talking to him/her about what you need and letting them know that it’s important for the dorm to be quit while your studying or sleeping during finals week might help you out.

Check in tomorrow for a few more things you don’t need to deal with.