Living on Mac and Cheese and Tuna Fish

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Grocery shopping is a responsibility, not an adventure.

I guess it’s possible that a few amazing discoveries might be lurking in one of those limitless aisles, just waiting to be unearthed, but college students don’t have the luxury to consider those items.

Nope, as a college student it’s hard to find time to stroll through the aisles; you’ve got papers to write, tests to study for, and friends to hang out with. Honestly you’d rather eat in the cafeteria, but that get’s old quickly. Nothing is open after 10PM, and the walk to the cafe feels endless on a cold day. So you cave and stop at the grocery store, searching for something quick you can toss in the microwave.

Which just goes to show that grocery shopping is not a rewarding task in college. Yeah, you get to eat the food, but usually you can’t afford anything special; you definitely can’t afford to buy lobster and stuffed crabs. So you wind up with instant noodles and cereal, stuff that takes just a few seconds to make but tastes like cardboard.

As a bonus you get to watch the money drain from your account every time you stop in the store. Somehow it just doesn’t feel worth it to feed yourself after a few trips. Seriously, some days I’d rather spend the money on clothes or textbooks.

And then there are the crowds. If you drive there always seems to be an incredible long wait to get into the parking lot. So you decide to walk and save yourself the gas money, but then you’ve got to carry all your groceries home; forget the soda, better start using those reusable water fountains.