The Winner is: The Nation’s most Expensive Universities

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Campus Grotto has released a list of the nation’s most expensive universities. Over 111 of those universities cost more than $50,000 per year, once tuition, fees, and estimated room and board expenses are added together.

The Sarah Lawrence Ruth Leff Siegel Center

The award for the most expensive university goes to Sarah Lawrence, located in Bronxyville, New York.  The school, which clocks in at $59,170 per year, is one of four universities located in New York City that made the top five most expensive on the list.

According to The Washington Post, Sarah Lawrence’s high costs may actually be attributed to its location in New York City where pricy housing really drives up the estimated costs.  But Forbes, which completed its own study, points to the small student body and the expensive facility wages to explain the cost.

I’d like to say that these numbers are shocking to me, but I can’t.  After all, I attended the 14th most expensive school on that list.  What can I say? I picked well.

What I can say, is that although these prices sound outrageous, you shouldn’t panic.  Hardly any students wind up paying full price for their education.  Merit and need-based scholarships cut down the costs drastically.  And, as Campus Grotto points out, many of the colleges offer excellent financial aid packages that meet your financial need 100%.

So while these numbers are high, they’re just a ‘sticker’ price.  A college education doesn’t really cost that much, yet.

Photo Credit: Sarah Lawrence College