Dorm Room Pillow Talk

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Dorm Room Pillow Talk

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At college the one thing you need is a good night’s sleep. Interestingly, the pillow and the college bedding you use on your dorm room bed can have a lot to do with how long it takes you to get to sleep and how well you sleep once you slip off into never, never land.

Choose the Right Pillow and Dorm Room Bedding

Pick the best pillow for your sleeping habits and it will help you sleep well.

Side sleepers are the easiest sleepers to fit with the right pillow. Look for a thicker, fluffy pillow that can be pushed and fluffed to provide the right amount of cushion between the head, neck and shoulder.

Face planters and back sleepers do best with a flatter pillow that doesn’t raise the head too high off the bed. Some sleepers in these categories like the new Posturepedic foam pillows designed specifically for these types of sleepers.

A plethora of synthetic, allergy-free and snore-reducing pillows now exist. If you suffer from any of these ailments you might want to try one of these special pillows and see if it helps your condition. Most pillows also benefit from 15 minutes in a hot dryer about once a month. This will refluff the pillow and kill dust mites. A washable protective pillow cover is also a good investment for anyone with allergies.

Sleep inducing pillowcases. Some pillowcases are just so irresistible they are magical. Shop around a bit and you will find that not all pillowcases are created equally. Look for 400 count Egyptian cotton or silk cases on sale and buy a pair that goes with the rest of your bedding. This is more practical than buying ultra-expensive bedding for your entire bed. However, don’t be surprised if your roommate tries to nick your pillow when you’re not looking!