10 Things you Shouldn’t Do During Class/Study Time

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1- Updating your Facebook Status

Does anyone really care that you’re bored, ate a ham sandwich, or what your professor is wearing ? No, not really. So quit updating your status and checking out photos when your supposed to be focused on school.

2- Distracting Games

No, you should definitely not be wasting your mind power on endless games that cannot be won. So stop spending your school time on Sporacle, yahoo, facebook,, and all those other mindless websites that you frequently visit. Block them if you have to.

3-Working on your Relationship

Your professor really doesn’t care that you’re in a long distance relationship. So you probably shouldn’t be wasting class time chatting on Skype or text messaging. You paid to go to college to learn, not to further develop your relationship. School must come first.

4-Catching up on Youtube

I know you’re dying to watch the latest video dedicated to Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black, but it has to wait until you’ve memorized every bone in the human body (or whatever it is your studying). I know, Youtube is hilarious, but those videos will still be just as funny after you’re done.

5-Baking Brownies

I admit it: I’m guilty. Every time I have to study I wind up in the kitchen searching for something to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me distracted from what I’m supposed to be doing. Sure, it only takes 25 minutes to whip up a batch of delicious melt-in-your-mouth brownies, but it’s 25 minutes that you should be studying. So, wait until after you’ve finished hitting the books, and make your brownies a nice reward.

6- Shopping for Shoes

Uh, need I remind you that your paying something around $20,000 a year for you education? They better be some really, really, really special shoes.

7- Dreaming about Spring Break

Day dreaming about it, packing your back, and talking endlessly about your trip to some exotic location isn’t going to make your week off come any faster. So get your work done, and maybe you won’t have any homework left to distract you over break.

8- Watching every episode of Revenge

Whatever show your addicted to, stop watching it, turn off the TV and walk away. That show will still be there during spring break or even after graduation. You definitely don’t need to watch it while your supposed to be reviewing your spanish flash cards. No matter how humorous it may be.


Yes, you need sleep; you’re not going to do well on the test if you haven’t slept. But you don’t need to take 5 naps and spend 18 hours laying in bed. Nope, that’s not necessary. So stop procrastinating and study.

10- Reading Long Articles on Procrastination

Except for this one, of course.