I Didn’t Realize this Seat was Taken

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Have you ever noticed another student glaring at you in the library?

Usually it happens on a busy day. One of those horrible days when every floor of the library is brimming with students and it takes 20 minutes to find a single vacant seat. You probably didn’t notice the glare as soon as you sat down at your desk, maybe she (or he) wasn’t there yet, but a few minutes or hours into your studying your “spidy-sense” will start tingling and you’ll turn to see a furrowed brow and a gleam of hatred in some random student’s eyes.

She might be seated next to you, or she might be across the room, but her hatred will carry like a resounding bell. Suddenly you’ll become conscious of your every movement. Are you doing anything obnoxious? Are you being a good, quiet student?

The best thing to do, you’ll decide, is just to turn back to your studies, stick in your headphones, and ignore her glare. After all there isn’t anywhere else to study in the library. However, you’ll soon find it’s hard to focus when you know someone is busy glaring at you. The hair on the back of your spine will crawl and your desire to confront them will grow with every passing second.

What you probably don’t realize is that she might be glaring at you even if the entire library was deserted. She’s not glaring because you took the last vacant seat or you’re munching too loudly on your pistachios, she’s glaring because you’re sitting in her seat.

Yes, her seat. The one that she has laid claim to. Maybe her friend is working across from you, maybe she just likes the view from the window; it doesn’t really matter. You’ve stolen her seat and made yourself her adversary. You won’t need to do anything else.