An Excuse to Act Like a Child

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As college students, we may be too old to believe in the Easter Bunny, but we’re never too old for an Easter egg hunt, at least not in my family.

My family treats Easter like the biggest holiday of the year. It’s more important to us than Christmas and Thanksgiving put together. There’s only one reason; the annual Easter egg hunt.

My mother and my eldest sister spend hours preparing for the hunt. They hide 6 dozen eggs in every imaginable nook and cranny across our large yard.

Than the remaining six of us, along with all 8 of my nieces and nephews and the random friends that I bring home from college line up and race against the clock to gather more eggs than anyone else.

It may sound silly, but it isn’t to us. We take the competition very seriously; we’ve even been known to barrel over the children in the process (that was one time, and it was my brothers fault anyway).

We even have a trophy. (Stop thinking of the Geller Cup. Ours is not a troll, it’s an Easter Bunny.)