Bored? What to do with your Winter Break

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Winter Break is here! Yay!!

If you’re heading home it’s nice to spend quality time with your family and friends, but even if you’re staying in your dorm the free time is a relief. For once there’s no homework or classes to deal with for the next few weeks.

But break can also be a little too long, especially if you’re lucky enough to go to a school where you get more than a month off. With all that sudden free time it’s hard to keep yourself occupied and boredom may quickly set in. After all, you can only spend so many hours playing video games, watching TV, and sleeping in (alright I’d probably be good for several weeks).

If you want to feel like you did something with your spring break, or you can feel the hand of boredom creeping up on you, consider these options.


Now is the best time to get started on a new workout routine; don’t bother waiting for the New Year. Find a gym in your area and get started. Exercise will make you feel good about yourself and you’ll feel more energized and ready for the new semester.

-Get a Job

If you had a retail position or a job in the restaurant industry in high school don’t hesitate to contact them.  Sure, they might not be hiring seasonal help anymore, but they might make an exception for your familiar face, especially if they need a little help.

-Take a Vacation

Lots of students will object to this idea because they just want to go home, but some time in the sun or on the ski slopes may be just what you need. Avoid all the family drama and get your fill of activity and vitamin D.

-Be a shadow

If you want to learn more about your field of study take advantage of your break time to shadow someone.

-Get some work done

It may be hard to find the motivation to do anything productive, but take a couple hours to do the things that will need to be done anyway. Plan your finances for the coming semester or get a head start on the reading for next semester.

-Get started on your summer internship

It’s never too early to start planning ahead. Some positions begin accepting applications as early as December. So take some time now to work on your resume and figure out what you want to do with your summer off.