Cheerleaders and the New Black Friday

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a college football cheerleader?  Well now you can find out. An LSU cheerleader wore a video camera during the game to give fans a glimpse of the cheerleader’s perspective. I now know I would be very dizzy, but it sure does look like fun. Click here to watch the video.

Most libraries are open 24 hours to accommodate student’s needs during finals week, but not all of them have students lining up to get through the doors. But that’s what happened at The College of William and Mary when the library was officially opened last Sunday. Students began lining up early Sunday afternoon outside Earl Gregg Swem Library anticipating the 1:00 PM opening. According to the Washington Post their bags were full of “notes, sleeping bags, snacks and anything else they might need for the next few days. Personally, I never liked living in the library. I’d rather stay home and study from my comfy bed.