Living at Home: The Cons of Commuting

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Living at home might help you save money, but it can also add a lot of stress to your life. There are benefits to living just 5-10 minutes away from classes, that living at home can’t make up for. So, here are a few of the cons to living at home while you study, but it’s not all bad, remember to check out the pros here.

1. The Parking

If you have to drive to classes, parking can be a very irksome issue. There never seems to be a spot, especially when you’re running late, and at some universities parking can get very expensive.

2. Scheduling Issues

Planning your schedule around traffic or public transportation arrival times can be very difficult. You can’t plan for everything, and eventually you might miss something due to circumstances that are out of your control. Plus what do you do if a class runs over or if your group wants to meet at a weird time to work on their project? It can get very stressful.

3. Meeting People

It’s not impossible to meet people outside of the dorms it’s just a lot harder. People are generally not interested in working to maintain relationships. So if you’re not around, living across the hall, than it’s difficult for other students to really get to know you. Just remember, if you live at home you’ll have to get involved in a lot of activities to really meet other students.

4. Remember Everything

When you live right there on campus it’s easy to grab something that you forgot or to stop in for a quick snack. But if you drove 20 minutes to get to class it’s a lot harder. So don’t forget important things like your wallet or that paper you need to turn in. Just don’t go there.