OMG I’m Never Gonna See My Friends Again!

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The end of high is approaching quickly. Graduation marks the start of your adult life; it’s the first step you’ll take into the real world. It also marks the last time you will spend all day in class with the friends you’ve known your entire life (or, since you moved to your current high school).

It can be difficult to leave those friends behind, but does the fact that you won’t be spending every day in school together really mean that your friendships are over?

For some, yes.

Facebook makes it easier to keep in touch with people you can’t see everyday, but it doesn’t make you a part of each other’s lives. After graduation, most of your friends will be on a different path than you, and although your lives might intersect, you won’t share the daily interactions that made your friendship unique in high school. That might make it hard to find the motivation to keep in touch with many of your friends.

For others, no.

Instead of ending, some of your friendships will simply evolve with you. You might not know everything about each other’s current lives, but you’ll always share memories. And sometimes friendships based on prior experiences can be stronger than ones based on daily interactions. After all, how well do you really know the friend you made in your college history class? Probably not as well as you know the girl you spent everyday in high school with. Despite the differences in your lives you might find yourself growing closer to some of your high school friends.

Look at it this way. Your friend network shifted when you moved from fourth grade to fifth grad, and it shifted again when you moved from middle school to high school. But did all your friendships end with everyone? Or did they just change?

So, yes, after graduation some of your friendships will slowly dissolve, but others won’t


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