Summer Internships: Where do you want to be?

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If you haven’t started looking for the perfect internship, it’s time to get cracking. It’s never too early to start sending in your resume and searching for a summer position, especially if you want a solid internship that will give your job applications a major boost after graduation…not just a seasonal job.

Half the fun of finding an internship is searching for the perfect one. However, there are so many different options it can be hard to figure out what you want. So first you need to figure out where you want to be and what you want to get out of your internship.

Travel to a New Place

If you’ve always wanted to live in a big city then your summer internship might be the perfect opportunity. Hundreds of positions are available in NYC, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, L.A.—you get the point. If you want the opportunity to experience a new place and earn valuable work experience this may be the best option for you. However, keep in mind that most internships don’t pay very well, and housing in an urban area might be very expensive.

Cross the Seas

A summer abroad is a great learning experience. You’ll meet new people, experience a new culture, and ramp up your resume exponentially! It’s usually easier to find a position abroad if you already speak the official language, but don’t let that get you down. There are a lot of organizations that place student in internships throughout the world, and they’ll probably be able to help you find one. In fact, check with your university to see if they have a program that may help you with your search, and get started immediately. Remember there’s a lot of paperwork that will need to be completed if you do decide to work abroad; you don’t want to figure everything out and then forget to apply for your passport. So, get started now.

Home Sweet Home

Of course you don’t have to head to a big city or leave the country to find valuable working experience. You might be able to find it right in your hometown; it all depends on where you’re from and what field you’re majoring in. The best part about working from home is that you’ll get to save money on rent and food and spend the whole summer hanging with friends and family.

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