Welcome Back to Another Semester

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 It’s nice to return to campus. After a few weeks of relaxing, catching up with high school friends, and dealing with all that family drama the freedom of your college dorm room is probably a welcome relief. I know it always was for me.

But settling back into the new life you established in the fall may be more difficult than you thought it would be. After revisiting your old haunts and reconnecting with your friends and family it might be hard to slip back into classes and hang out with the college friends that you haven’t known since kindergarten.

Plus your new schedule might be difficult to adjust to. You may find that you see less of your friends (or more of them) than you did last semester. You may find that you’re not comfortable in one of your classes or that you’re bored by the subjects you’re studying. You may find that everything is just different from last semester, and you don’t like the changes.

Whatever it is, something is making you unhappy and all you want is to just go back in time and enjoy winter break all over again.

But just like the feelings of homesickness that haunted you in September these feeling will also fade with just a little bit of time. As your classes start back up again and your work load increases you’ll fall back into the comfortable pattern that you expertly traversed not even a month ago. Before you know it you won’t miss home anymore.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to call home or talk about how you feel with your college friends. Chances are they feel the same way you do. And remember, this is college. Have fun and learn something new this semester.