5 Ways Technology Has Changed Education

New technologies—everything from smart boards to smart phones—have transformed education from both the students’ and instructors’ perspectives.  These powerful tools have enhanced communication, research, literacy, etc…and continue to impact the way students learn.  As students continue to rely upon technology, their mastery of these tools becomes evident even at early ages allowing them to build the technical experience they will need when they enter the work world.  The following … [Read more...]


Protect Your Laptop

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A student's laptop computer in college serves as their life line. Any problem with their laptop could pose a catastrophic detour to their studying. Whether they're using their laptop to surf the net, study, type term papers or connect with friends and family, a laptop to a student is a crucial accessory. And- with an accessory as important as a laptop, you need to make sure to thoroughly protect it both inside - and out. Since laptops are so fragile, it's important to first protect it … [Read more...]


5 Tips For Answering Writing Prompts

Ever since the 5th grade, I can remember having worksheets handed out with hypothetical situations such as: "If Sara has 9 apples, how many would she have left over if she gave two of them away??" The problem with this? Well, it didn't really matter if you answered with the correct amount of apples, because if you didn't answer the writing prompt with complete sentences you'd still get deducted points. It took me up until about 9th grade to start reciting the question at the beginning of … [Read more...]


Struggling With An Issue? Here’s How To Approach Your Professor

Regardless of what many students think, professors don't roll their eyes at EVERY excuse. Yes, there are many times where students goof off in class, repeatedly show up late/leave early, and don't turn in their work on time, if at all. In those cases, professors have every right to roll their eyes at a student who comes in saying they couldn't finish their assignment because their car broke down, the sky fell, or their favorite - the dog made a 3 course meal out of their report. But, here's … [Read more...]


Biggest Exam of Your Life? Here’s How to Prepare

Spring Break is so close you can practically taste it (if you're not on it already). With that taste of freedom also comes Midterms. And - let's be honest, every exam feels like the biggest exam of your life. Why? Because they're all equally as stressful to study for. Regardless of the topic or how well you know the material, there's always fear of the unknown: what if you get random test anxiety and blank out during the test? What if your pencil breaks and there isn't a sharpener in sight? What … [Read more...]


Don’t Attempt to Sue Your Teacher Over a Bad Grade


In recent news, a Lehigh University grad student, Megan Thode, tried to sue her professor for 1.3 million dollars, claiming she gave her a bad grade because she supported gay rights. The grade, Thode stated, ruined her dreams of becoming a licensed therapist.  The lawsuit? To have her grade of C+ changed to a B - and to cash in on the "life time earnings" she will miss out on for not being able to become a licensed therapist (1.3 million, to be exact). The Northampton County judge ruled … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Beat the Chills This Fall


Keeping healthy on campus during those chilly months means staying warm and beating the cold at Football games, walking to class, and those dreary, cold rainy days. Staying warm can be tough; you're walking around campus working up a sweat but at the same time you're breathing in cold, dry air. Not to mention, you're in class with other students who may have caught colds, flu's or viruses and could be spreading them without even knowing it. If you're trying to stay healthy these Fall and … [Read more...]