Happy Valentine’s Day!


From everyone here at RHL, we'd like to wish you a warm and happy Valentine's Day! What are you doing to celebrate the day? Going out with friends, out to eat, or staying in and relaxing? Share with us! … [Read more...]


Dealing with a Bully… In College?

Your peanut butter and jelly sandwich is squished. Your Nutter-Butter is missing. Someone put sticky gum on your chair and to top it all off, your shoe laces were magically tied together without your knowledge. No, you aren’t sleep walking, you have a case of the bullies. Now, this may sound like an elementary school nightmare, but you’d be surprised how often things of this nature happen even in college! If you think there’s no such thing as a bully in college, you’re wrong. These … [Read more...]


Go Honors!

Most university honors programs require students to jump through several hoops in order to graduate with distinction (or honors). Even getting into the honors college can be a hassle – you’re often required to submit a letter of recommendation and an essay.  So is it really worth all the extra effort? Should you put in the extra work to be an honors student? 1)      A Strong Learning Desire to Learn In my experience, honors students are not smarter than other undergraduates; … [Read more...]


Planning your Summer Vacation

Finals will be wrapped up soon. No more classes, late night projects, or stressing about whether or not you’ll fail every class (unless, you’ve decide to extend your education over the summer). Instead you’ll have three months to kick back and relax.  Here are the top 12 ways to waste away your free time. 1)   Lots of Movie Marathons Catch up on all the blockbusters you’ve missed lately or find a new TV show to watch from start to finish. Whatever you do, grab a couple of your … [Read more...]


Developing Professional Relationships

You need to develop a professional relationship with your professor. It has to be done. He’s the head of your department and his letter of recommendation would seal your acceptance to grad school. How do you go about doing it though? Is it too stalkerish to know that he was a member of a band? Would it be weird to listen to his music and bring it up in conversation? Do It Go ahead; listen to your professor’s band. Just don’t go to ridiculous lengths to find a song. If the music … [Read more...]


Spice Up Your Resume

You’ve got the grades—hook line and sinker—but now you need to spice up your resume, quite a bit from the looks of things. So how do you do it? Through hard work and dedication. 1 – Join a Club Hundreds of student-run organizations on the national and local level are recruiting students in your area. Everything from clubs like Women in Sciences and Engineering, to intramural sports, to student-run government (or newspaper) organizations will look great on your resume. If your … [Read more...]


Who Doesn’t Love Free Food?

It's a typical Monday. You're in class, half-listening to your professor drone on about the human brain, or something. At the same time you’re checking your Facebook page, and daydreaming about your spring break. Wouldn't it be nice if you could rewind time and head back to the beach? Your professor attracts your full-attention for a moment, as he introduces a student to the class. She starts speaking immediately, explaining the virtues of a new student organization that you should join … [Read more...]