How to Wash Your Delicate Linens


There is nothing like a high-quality dorm bedding sheet set or a fluffy bath towel to make you feel like a Queen (or King!) However, most dorm residents tend to shy away from these types of fabrics because of the upkeep. Don't let this fear keep you from delicate linens; washing and drying doesn’t require much effort at all when you know what the materials need. 1.   Define “Delicate” Most fabrics are surprisingly resilient. They are manufactured to withstand high-energy washers and … [Read more...]


How to Protect Dorm Room Electronics from a Power Surge


When storms hit, you only have moments to protect your electronics from potentially disastrous power surges. Power surges occur when there is a sudden loss or change of electricity caused by a blackout, power failure or restart, or a lightning strike to a source. Every year, surges cause millions of dollars of damage to expensive electronics—and older residence halls, with their ancient wiring and aging power grids, are particularly at risk. To protect your equipment from falling victim, … [Read more...]


7 Steps to Cool Off a Dorm Room


Summer can bring many pleasant things, like trips to the pool, fun fashion options, and many outdoor adventures. However, it can also bring stuffy dorm rooms that make you uncomfortably sweaty. If your dorm is not equipped with a cooling system or if the one it has breaks down frequently, summer in a residence hall can be stifling and directly interfere with your productivity. Aside from a fan clipped to your bed as a dorm essential, there are some easy, cheap, and practical ways of cooling down … [Read more...]


A Guide to Shopping for the Dorm Room this Summer


Summer vacation is here, and the start of college in the fall is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But while you’re planning for your best summer ever and spending those last precious moments with your high school friends, it’s actually a great time to think about which dorm supplies and essentials you need to buy. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for bedding, try these dorm bedding Value Paks from RHL. You can save time, money, and be perfectly coordinated when the … [Read more...]


3 Reasons to Back up Your Computer Files Today


The average computer’s hard drive is compromised every four to seven years. When this happens, millions upon millions of saved documents, photos, music, and more are lost forever because of one reason: computer owners forgetting to back up their hard drives. Your hard drive is what makes your computer productive and useful by being the digital storage container. When you back up your hard drive, you are essentially saving a copy of all those data files you have curated while using in case … [Read more...]


The Best Dorm Blanket Materials for Warmer Months


Out with the fluffy, cold weather blankets! It’s time to bring back those soft, breathable materials just in time for the warmer months. Not sure which blankets work best when the temperature rises? Here is a list of what to look for when purchasing new summer blankets. After you've read the information below, shop our bedding section for your next blanket! Quilts and Knits Your grandma’s patchwork quilt isn’t just for your parents’ sofa. Most quilts, whether homemade or … [Read more...]


Three Ways to Decorate Your Dorm with Yellow


Yellow is a color that works best in a spring and summer bedroom! Yellow is the sunny, happy shade that can add bold pops of color or subtly accent any decoration style. If a yellow color palette is what you’re seeking for your residence life dorm room, here are three ways to rock this vibrant color choice: 1.   Neon, Modern Accents Yellow may be thought of as primarily feminine and dainty when it comes to décor, but yellow can be just as strong and masculine as any red or black. The … [Read more...]