Purple Dorm Room Décor Ideas


Purple is the color of spring, flowers, and royalty. Now, this versatile color is a top color of choice for residence hall dorm rooms. There are many great purple-hued décor items and ideas any college student can incorporate into their bedroom designs. Here are just eight of our favorite purple room décor ideas. 1.   Window Designs Lighter shades of purple, like lilac, add a touch of elegance and charm to a dingy window. Using lighter, translucent fabrics in this shade still lets the … [Read more...]


How to Take the Best Nap in College


One of the best perks of a college student schedule is the ability to nap between classes and on weekends. Taking a nap is not only refreshing, it has also been shown to improve memory, creativity, and mood. However, most college students do not know how to properly take advantage of daytime rest. The following seven steps will ensure that your nap is refreshing and productive! 1.   Time it Correctly Napping too close to your normal bedtime or to your wake up time is counterproductive. It … [Read more...]


New Bedding Prints for Summer 2015


Bedding fashion as of late has been a bit drab. Students, in particular, have shied away from a more detailed look and have stuck with chevrons and stripes for their prints. But Summer 2015 styles look to change all of that with funky and fierce patterns that are sure to spruce up the bedroom. 1.   Boho Bold The boho hippy look has always been a favorite for summer music festival-goers. Now that look is slowly translating to the bedroom with linens that give off a similar vibe. For the … [Read more...]


Healthy Snacks for Brainpower


For many students, studying in your school library or residence hall dorm room can be draining. You get hungry—you get thirsty—you get tired (and you may be tempted to snuggle up into your dorm bedding). When the doldrums strike, you may opt for a cup of coffee or a sugary treat to perk you up. However, while you’ll get an immediate jolt, the rush will almost as quickly wear off, leaving you even more frazzled than before. Instead, boost your stamina and your brainpower with these healthy … [Read more...]


How to Wash Your Delicate Linens


There is nothing like a high-quality dorm bedding sheet set or a fluffy bath towel to make you feel like a Queen (or King!) However, most dorm residents tend to shy away from these types of fabrics because of the upkeep. Don't let this fear keep you from delicate linens; washing and drying doesn’t require much effort at all when you know what the materials need. 1.   Define “Delicate” Most fabrics are surprisingly resilient. They are manufactured to withstand high-energy washers and … [Read more...]


How to Protect Dorm Room Electronics from a Power Surge


When storms hit, you only have moments to protect your electronics from potentially disastrous power surges. Power surges occur when there is a sudden loss or change of electricity caused by a blackout, power failure or restart, or a lightning strike to a source. Every year, surges cause millions of dollars of damage to expensive electronics—and older residence halls, with their ancient wiring and aging power grids, are particularly at risk. To protect your equipment from falling victim, … [Read more...]


7 Steps to Cool Off a Dorm Room


Summer can bring many pleasant things, like trips to the pool, fun fashion options, and many outdoor adventures. However, it can also bring stuffy dorm rooms that make you uncomfortably sweaty. If your dorm is not equipped with a cooling system or if the one it has breaks down frequently, summer in a residence hall can be stifling and directly interfere with your productivity. Aside from a fan clipped to your bed as a dorm essential, there are some easy, cheap, and practical ways of cooling down … [Read more...]