5 Tips for Decorating with Leather Accents


Given its uncompromising nature, leather can be challenging to incorporate in your residence hall dorm room. However, by keeping with a theme and starting small, your leather pieces will fit in with any dorm style you want.   1.   Know Your Colors Leather is typically accessible in three primary colors: brown, white, and black. There are, of course, alternatives to the traditional leather color scheme out there such as red and blue. However, from a design standpoint, it is important to … [Read more...]


How to Treat Stains on Residence Hall Bedding


A visible stain can take your residence hall bedding from fab to drab quickly. Not only do stains look messy, but also they may actually break down the quality of your comforters, sheets, and mattresses. Do not delay cleaning. Instead, follow these simple guidelines to fight spots and spills.   Before You Begin Before you attempt to remove a stain yourself, always check the care tags of your dorm bedding. You are looking for two things: care/upkeep suggestions and fabric compositions. … [Read more...]


Washing Your Linens


Doing your weekly laundry usually allows you to wash your shirts, pants, and under garments on a pretty consistent basis. However, washing your linens, such as your bed sheets and your towels, takes a different plan—too much washing can cause them to degrade more quickly, while too little can leave them stiff, dirty, and lifeless. To keep your linens at their peak, here is a handy guide of how often you should wash your linens. Bath Essentials Bath Towels From regular usage such as drying … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Fit In Seating in a Small Dorm Room


Living in a residence hall dorm room can present many problems, particularly in regards to space. Because dorms provide little room to host guests or hold a study group session, many students get frustrated with the lack of seating options. However, with a little creativity and some re-configurations, fitting in seating in a dorm room can be both manageable and stylish. 1.   Rearrange Your Furniture Many residence halls now offer students more than just one way to configure a bedroom. With … [Read more...]


Temperature Control Products for Dorm Rooms


Keeping your residence hall dorm room at the perfect temperature can be tricky. Many residence halls are not suited for modern heating and cooling systems, which can cause issues when temperatures hit extreme numbers. There are simple tricks you can do to naturally retain heat, like adding dorm rugs, as well as having dorm bedding of various thicknesses readily available. Plus, there are many dorm appliances that can help keep the temperature of your living space exactly how you like … [Read more...]


Decorate and Dress in Plaid


The plaid look is often associated with earthiness and a “couldn’t care less” attitude. However, when utilized the right way, it can be feminine, soft and accessible. Whatever your style, here are a few rules to follow if you want to tastefully incorporate plaid in your wardrobe or Residence Hall bedroom.   Tips for Decorating with Plaid   To Maintain Femininity, Think Small Because of the masculine undertones associated with plaid prints, college students striving for a … [Read more...]


A Guide to Mattress Pads


Residence hall beds are not known as being the pinnacle of comfort. After all, not everyone sleeps the same way. While one student may appreciate the firm, simple support system their provided mattress gives them, another may require one with more cushioning or neck support. Luckily, it's easy to slip a mattress pad underneath your twin XL sheets. However, not all pads are equally equipped to fit your particular needs. Here are some considerations you should reflect on before making the … [Read more...]