Trendy Dorm Room Ideas for Residence Hall Living


Each year, students living in residence halls have the opportunity to reinvent the classic dorm room look. This year, students are inspired by using vintage touches and re-purposing outdated furnishings to make their dorm decor unique, colorful and in-style. Here are the trendiest dorm room ideas for the coming year: 1.   Storage Seating Storage space and dorm room seating are almost always at a premium. One of the hottest trends is to combine both problems into an easy solution by adding … [Read more...]


Decorating with Purpose


Bland walls are a no go while spending your years in residence hall rooms. Express but also organize your thoughts by adding a multitude of wall decals that can spruce up the hanging decor of your space.  Choose from stylish, mess free print hanging canvases, pin boards, and dry erase boards. 1) Wall Decals: Easy to apply wall decals offer a smooth transition to a majority of students who are often switching residence hall rooms after the semester. Vague instructions are not needed to … [Read more...]


Picking a Color Palette for Your Residence Hall Room


When picturing a residence hall room, most students instantly think of dull, dreary color schemes—industrial hues with little or no personality. However, with a little imagination, students can see those whites, beiges, creams and tans as the perfect backdrop to their own pops of color. Even still, not all hues are equal. Psychologists have long established that certain palettes can affect mood, motivation and even health. Choose these colors for your twin XL sheets, rugs and more! By keeping … [Read more...]


5 RHL Sale Items with Great Value


Winter is the best time to restock on your bedding basics and replace your linens. Post move-in rush, the winter months are the best time to snag deals on your favorite items that were marked down from the fall. Depending on what you're looking for, you can find a variety of items from decor, linens, and bath and shower items at over 10% off. Here are the top 5 sale RHL items you need in your life, right now: 1) 300 Thread Count Sheets: You can never have too many, and they serve as the … [Read more...]


Maximizing Space in Your Residence Hall Room


Let's face it, residence hall rooms aren't exactly the roomiest of places. It's often difficult to cram all of  your necessities into one room that is shared with another person. Thankfully, there are storage options that utilize unused space to make extra room for you! Now that the weather is colder and snow is falling, the time has come to pull out heavier blankets and clothing and store away the more lightweight stuff. Taking advantage of extra space under your bed or in the closet is a … [Read more...]


To Coordinate or Not To Coordinate?


Dorm décor is paramount to every college girl’s dorm life. We want our rooms to be beautiful and put together and coordinated. We sleep well at night knowing our room is cozy and peaceful. This is a wonderfully easy thing to do on our own, but what about my roommate? Should I talk to her first? Don’t worry- as far as coordinating dorm room décor goes, stress does not need to be involved. Some people really like to coordinate everything down to the color scheme, which is completely fine, … [Read more...]


How to Pack and Move Efficiently


Let’s face it- packing for anything is hard! It’s especially hard when you’re trying to sort through your entire life’s worth of junk and think months in advance about what you might need at school. Many students get overwhelmed with the task of packing for college because it is a big job, but when broken down, can be done with minimal stress. Start with a packing list. There are hundreds to choose from on the internet, and they will include EVERYTHING. Begin with looking over … [Read more...]