How to Clean a Mattress Pad

Mattress Pad

Your mattress pad is an essential part of your dorm bedding. After all, it protect your residence hall mattress from stains and spills; keeps out allergens and dust; and provides an extra layer of comfort. Though it’s tucked safely away under the rest of your bedclothes, your mattress pad still requires a good cleaning. Of course, not all mattress pads are made the same, and the different types require slightly different care. Before you throw your mattress pad into the wash with the rest … [Read more...]


Cleaning Tips for All Dorm Rug Materials


Messes happen, especially in small spaces like residence hall dorm rooms. Cleaning an accidental spill or stain from a dorm area rug can be frustrating given the time and expense it typically takes to get it professionally cleaned. However, with a couple of tricks and tips, you can restore the rug so it continues to enhance the dorm room's cute decor. Step 1: Know Your Material Before you begin, figure out what your rug is made of. This information can be found on the tag. However, if you are … [Read more...]


5 Dorm Essentials for Emergencies in Dorm Rooms


Emergencies can happen in any dorm room and any residence hall. While you may prefer to not worry about what may come, it is still vital to be aware of what is needed should that emergency arise. While a non-life threatening emergency isn’t serious, it can be a huge pain for those in a dorm room. By stocking up on these five dorm room essentials for unexpected emergencies, you can rest assured that you will be ready to handle any situation either big or small. 1.   Travel Sized Sewing … [Read more...]


5 Best Uses for a Large Trunk in a Dorm Room


Living in a residence hall can be tricky; especially when you consider just how little space you can anticipate having. With only a tiny closet and a small dresser to store and keep your items out of sight and out of mind, many residents utilize the classic large trunk to maximize both their storage and their seating space. Here are five of the best uses for your large trunk. 1.   Seasonal Clothing Storage Closet space is at a minimum for your wardrobe, so getting creative with storage … [Read more...]


Decorating With the Color Green in a Dorm Room


Green is the color of spring and summer, symbolizing nature and new possibilities. Consider incorporating green into the dorm room as a green palette will bring a breath of fresh air that will prepare you for the season ahead! If you’re ready, follow these pointers to maximize the style and versatility of this look.   1.   Pick Your Shade Variants in green are all over the crayon box. Some greens are more vibrant, such as the funky lime or the playful sea foam. Then there are greens … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Store Shoes in Your Dorm Room


Bringing your shoe collection with you to college can be daunting. After all, the storage space in your shared room at college will probably be a lot less than what you're use to. However, with creative dorm storage solutions that keep your space clutter free, there is no limit to how many pairs you bring to wear. 1.   Closet Organizer The hanging closet organizer is one of the most popular and space saving ideas for a residence hall dorm room. Easy to install, the closet organizer goes … [Read more...]


5 Tips for Decorating with Leather Accents


Given its uncompromising nature, leather can be challenging to incorporate in your residence hall dorm room. However, by keeping with a theme and starting small, your leather pieces will fit in with any dorm style you want.   1.   Know Your Colors Leather is typically accessible in three primary colors: brown, white, and black. There are, of course, alternatives to the traditional leather color scheme out there such as red and blue. However, from a design standpoint, it is important to … [Read more...]